Let’s have a little fun and pretend we had a time machine to go back to – well, the past. Not long ago, if you made a visit to the airport you would’ve been able to witness what progress looks like. The first thing you’d see as you walk through the arrival hall is an in-the-works shiny Progresif flagship store, which is perfectly placed in a spot you won’t ever miss because its directly in your line of sight – yup, we like making things simple for you (but you already knew that).
While it was under construction, you could actually check out our timeline highlighting some of the things we’ve done over the last year and if you were curious we even put in a little window so you could take a peek inside.
Now imagine it’s your first time visiting Brunei, you’ve just had a nice meal at just the right altitude – the comfy level where your ears aren’t popping randomly (because we all aren’t fans of that now are we?), plus you managed to catch some well-needed sleep on the plane ride over, and now you’ve just landed and picked up your bags.
You start to think to yourself ‘I better call home to let everyone know I landed safely’, or you might find yourself in need to call a friend who’s supposedly picking you up and is running a bit late. Realising you’ve got some free time on your hands, you ask one of our happy sales team to learn about what we’ve been up to lately – their reply: launching 4G and test piloting top secret jet packs to get people to where they need to go in half the time (because that sure beats waiting around for a friend who has a better-late-than-never attitude right?).
Okay, so maybe not the jet pack part, but you’ve got to admit that would be pretty awesome. After laughing to yourself they then tell you about Progresif’s Visitor Pack, where you get a bundled plan packed with free minutes for calls and data that will be good for one to three weeks worth of travelling, all for just $10. And if you’re the type that needs a smart phone that’s already preloaded with a SIM, you can get that too for just $99 – the best part is, you won’t actually need a time machine now, because all of this is happening already.