7 January 2022 – Progresif is starting the year by kicking off its new year, delivering a series of enticing discounts by embracing the allure of a fresh start for the new year. Progresif has always committed itself to do its part to help its customers, especially when it comes to ensuring its customers do not spend more than they have to.

In celebration of the New Year 2022, Progresif announced a deal for mobile and home Wi-Fi plans exclusively to new customer sign-ups, customers who wish to switch providers, or existing customers who want to change plans or re-contract to Progresif. This offer is available for a limited time only.

This best-deal-in-town applies for Postpaid Mobile MORE Plan with discounts up to 25% for the first six months for any sign-ups with a 24-month contract. The MORE plan is also available in the denominations of $12 for 6GB, $22 for 15GB, $28 for 20GB, and $49 for 35GB, with 30-day validity data, SMS, and Voice on the plans.

With the current demand for usage of home Wi-Fi, Progresif is also giving away discount offerings for its One Home Plus and ZOOM plans with up to 40% discounts on selected tiers, including a free $100 installation fee and free fixed line rental on a 24-month contract. This offer intends to give households more freedom in affordable and flexible choices to access the internet all year round.

The Progresif One Home Plus has a selection of plans that can fit every customer’s data needs. Aiming to equip customers who need data for work, online learning, online streaming, and gaming interests from 500GB with speed at 50Mbps to 2.5TB data speeds up to 200Mbps. Customers can also opt for substantial savings with the ZOOM Home WiFi plan, with a choice of ZOOM 50Mbps or 100Mbps and not have to worry about data quotas.

In recent months, Progresif shared their successful achievements in their net promoter scores, an international scoring board for customer services performance. It prides itself on its customer experience with response to serving the community’s needs, especially during the second wave of COVID-19. Progresif has improved their services by transforming how they do their business – by caring for customers first.

In their efforts to improvise customer service and experience, the Progresif Street Sales team started proactively reaching out to customers by delivering their purchases directly and increasing the ability for customers to manage their accounts online. At the same time, they were easing bill payment digitally via the Progresif CARE app or using a self-serve kiosk machine at Progresif stores.

This promotion is available only for a limited time and can be availed at all Progresif stores and Progresif online stores at https://store.progresif.com/. For every online purchase, Progresif also offers free delivery of SIM nationwide. For more information, customers can reach out to 177 directly to the Progresif Customer Experience team to ensure the process of signing up, switching, and re-contracting is as simple as possible