Progresif Cellular announced a new Broadband Plan designed to give customers both the flexibility and full control over their data use.
Devin Edwards, Chief Marketing Officer at Progresif, stated “The Progresif Broadband Plan was a result of the company listening closely to customers and understanding what their needs are. The next step was to create a mobile broadband plan that would enable our customers to experience the freedom to do more.”
The new Progresif mobile Broadband Plan gives customers the convenience of a second SIM for their other devices whether it’s for their own use or for their families.
Progresif designed the plan to be simple and worry-free by giving customers the flexibility of choosing which data packs they want to add so they can control their data usage and not have any overage after reaching their data quotas.
Customers can limit how much data they want for themselves and their family members. If more data is needed, customers can add on data by purchasing any of the Progresif Data Packs from 2GB to Unlimited Data.
For as low as $20 per month, customers will get their broadband plan with a brand-new Huawei MiFi dongle that fits their needs and the needs of their whole family.
For only $90 per month, customers will get a true unlimited data experience which they can enjoy with their whole family.
Since Progresif has already paid the annual license fees, customers can start their mobile broadband experience without the yearly fees.
Customers can sign-up or upgrade by going to any of the Progresif Stores. Additional details are available through social media on Instagram @progresif_cellular, on Facebook or online at