Progresif Cellular announced today that it will be giving 1GB of local data to new prepaid subscribers for both mobile and broadband.
From today until July 16, subscribers that activate a new prepaid SIM will get 1GB of free data with a one-month validity, giving new subscribers 1GB of data to use instantly with their new SIM.
Devin Edwards, Chief Marketing Officer at Progresif, said that the promotion is just one of the many examples of how the company is working to improve access to communication.
“We’re building momentum based on the belief that there should be minimal barriers when it comes to communication. Our latest initiative for new prepaid customers reflects this belief and we want to extend this to our new customers to grow the overall mobile market in Brunei.”
“By having data ready at hand, new prepaid customers can immediately focus on connecting and communicating with their friends and family on the Progresif network,” he said.
The effort to improve access to communication began in March 2015 when Progresif announced that they would pay for the annual license fee of their customers, giving the wider public an entry point for their daily communication needs.
The company followed through its objective of making communication simple by implementing flat rates for calls, text messages and data.
These equalised rates meant that there was no longer a price difference for postpaid and prepaid, as opposed to other telcos globally that normally charge higher rates for prepaid users.
Earlier this month, Progresif continued by announcing the launch of full-service roaming for all its prepaid customers, giving roamers to have access to data, text and voice calls in Malaysia.