The Sunday Farmer’s Market will help provide further support to local small businesses and engage the community in their ongoing corporate social responsibility efforts

This Sunday, Progresif is inviting the community to their first Sunday Farmer’s Market, an event where they can enjoy a day of music, activities, food and produce and other goods by local entrepreneurs and farmers.
The event begins at 2pm at the Progresif Headquarters with a Scavenger Hunt followed by performances from local musicians including The TV, Nas Suhaili, and the Docklands.

The TV

The attendees can also browse through a wide variety of products made by local vendors or make their way to the car boot sales section to explore deals on pre-loved goods.
Devin Edwards, Chief Marketing Officer of Progresif, said: “This event is intended to combine all of the things that we’re passionate about and all of the ways we look to give back to the community by supporting arts and culture, education, entrepreneurship and the environment. We would like to see the event grow over time in size and frequency with rotating themes to engage the widest possible variety of businesses, activities and communities throughout Brunei.”
“We’re excited to have the opportunity to host our first Sunday Farmer’s Market event alongside Big Begawan Cookout and we look forward to running more exciting events like this in the near future,” he said.

Agrome IQ

Progresif has invested heavily into initiatives related to arts and culture, education, entrepreneurship and the environment as part of its commitment to developing Brunei into one of the world’s most advanced countries, through its products and services, and the strength of its corporate social responsibility strategy.

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