Progresif releases latest magazine featuring stories on the environment and the local maker movement

Progresif announced today the release of the ninth issue of their quarterly magazine, featuring themes of environmental conservation and the local maker movement in Brunei.
For this issue of the magazine, Progresif collaborated with feature writers to develop articles that highlight the need for more recycling initiatives and to support sustainability by choosing to shop at local outlets.
For stories on the environment, Progresif worked with its Startup Lab resident, The Scoop, to explore the effects of plastic and to find out the avenues for proper disposal of electronic waste in Brunei.
To highlight the local maker movement in Brunei, Progresif collaborated with local publishing company Heartrite to feature local entrepreneurs who are driving change in business by reigniting the charms of locally produced goods and services with a modern twist.
Progresif is also introducing, for the first time, the Progresif Super Kids – eight of them in total – who are already running their own businesses and learning the ropes of entrepreneurship at a young age.
In the latest update on Progresif Radio, a handful of talented local bands and musicians are featured highlighting their contribution to the third Progresif studio album. The magazine also introduces a series of new shows and podcast content in the Progresif Radio app.
Progresif continues to stay on top of technology in the tech trends section, with stories to de-mystify and outline the rise of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The company also maintains its investment into corporate social responsibility areas with stories on CSR support activities from the previous quarter.
Readers can expect the latest information on products, services and promotions such as Unlimited Facebook and Instagram, and read more about the company’s memorable win for ‘Best Brand Campaign’ at the Asia Communication Awards 2018.
They can also learn more about Progresif PAY by reading the brief how-to guide and keep themselves posted on new app features, such as NFC, overseas remittance, QR Payments and gift vouchers for services like iTunes, Spotify and Steam, coming in the next few months.
Devin Edwards, Progresif’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “The Progresif magazine continues to grow and evolve in terms of readership and content with new stories on progressive ideas in Brunei.”
“We’re excited to have the opportunity to continue sharing the progressive developments in Brunei and to highlight inspiring Bruneians that go beyond their comfort zones to pursue their passion,” he said.
Readers are encouraged to share their ideas through social media channels and give feedback on what they would like to see in future issues.
The magazine can be found at your nearest Progresif store and throughout over 700 locations in Brunei. The magazine articles will also be available online at

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