While Progresif Radio operates online, our DJs still need a home.

Our broadcast studio sits in Cultivate Bistro, on the ground floor of Progresif headquarters. Patrons of the eatery can watch the DJs in action, and maybe even get invited into the booth for a chat!

progresif broadcast studio 1

Progresif Broadcast Studio

The radio booth is where all the action happens, and we know that there’s going to be lots of it. We’ve seen the richness of local creative talent and we though that it is only right that these talents should be known to all of Brunei and to the rest of the world!

The creative industry is something that we’re passionate about. By having our own radio station, we could collaborate with local musicians and creatives alive to produce content that is truly Bruneian and for everyone to listen!
The best thing about is that you can choose to listen either live streaming radio shows hosted by our DJs or switch to listening podcasts or on demand content.

If you’re listening to Progresif Radio when you’re on the road or at home, you get to hear all the action that is happening and that could mean anything- from DJs goofing around in the booth to live music sessions by talented local artists.

Or, you could drop by Cultivate Bistro and enjoy watching the DJs skillfully plying their trade or watch music performances and say hi to the artists.
Either way, you still get to enjoy great local content at any time in any place. If you’re ever in town, come over for a coffee and watch Progresif Radio in action!