Progresif Connects With The Local Communities in Brunei Through CSR

We had a busy last quarter running lots of charity events over the month of Ramadhan while keeping up with Progresif CSR activities to support the local community in Brunei.

At the same time, we’ve also had the opportunity to collaborate with grassroots organisations at ground level to connect with the community and support them in one way or another.

To get a better idea of what we’ve been up to, here are four video highlights from the events and activities that we ran in the last quarter.

1. A Progresif Ramadhan

We participated in numerous charity activities in the lead up to the festive season together with the Authority for Info-Communications Technology Industry of Brunei (AITI), the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Brunei and with local blogger Ranoadidas.

2. FOBISIA Environmental Conference

We supported the British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA) Environmental Conference as part of our ongoing commitment to invest in environment-related initiatives.

The 2018 theme of ‘Sustainable Development and Natural Heritage’ brought students from nine different schools to participate in discussions and activities over three days.

The conference hopes to promote environmental awareness and stimulate learning amongst students.

3. UBD Spectacle 2018

We’re proud to have supported Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Spectacle 2018 Eminent Art which took place at Chancellor Hall. The art exhibition ran for a month and featured the works of over 70 artists from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Students produced unique art pieces in different forms and mediums, as part of their university coursework. The exhibition saw artwork which covered themes of social awareness, psychology, nature and the man-made environment.

By combining theory and practice together, the UBD’s annual art exhibition helps fosters creative talent of students who will become the driving force of the creative industry in Brunei.

4. BGIC 2018

We supported the 14th Borneo Global Issues Conference (BGIC) 2018 which carried the theme of ‘Life Below Water’ which placed special focus on the marine ecosystem and the importance of its conservation.

This year’s event saw two passionate speakers, Anna Oposa and Danni Washington, to Brunei, both of whom shared their ideas on how to better protect marine life.

About 300 students were involved with the BGIC with discussions and debate sessions spreading over three days. The structure follows the United Nations Model to find solutions to global challenges such as poverty, environmental conservation and sustainable development.

That’s all from us from the last quarter but stay tuned for more highlight videos because we’ll be supporting even more CSR events and activities in the upcoming quarter.