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ID Cooling ZoomFlow AGRB 240XT
Radiator Dimension – 274x120x27mm – Aluminum
Fan Dimension 120x120x25mm – 2 Fans
4Pin PWM / 5V 3Pin ARGB
Streamplify Webcam
1080P / 60FPS
Widescreen view 90° and 360° swivel
Stereo Microphone
Thunder X3 TC3
AIR Tech for max breathability
High density foam for 24/7 comfort
Supports up to 150kg
Royal AeroWeave
AeroWeave for high breathability and soft touch
High density foam for 24/7 comfort
Supports up to 150kg

Or choose a VR bundle

with up to $0 upfront or $40/mo on a 12-month contract
Pico 4
4K+ display
Hi-Fi spatial audio
Hypersense haptic controllers
Meta Quest 2
1832 x 1920 resolution per eye
Cinematic 3D Audio
Two touch controllers included