Alim Roslan, Founder of Beastcamp, Brunei Calisthenics and BAR-RAGE, on how minimalism in training is more than a passing fad.

When did you start doing calisthenics?

I started when I joined the military in 2005, since basic recruit training is calisthenics. I took it more seriously and advanced in 2012. Little did I know that it was going to be such a big feature in my life.

What motivated you to take this sport?

I started doing weights at the gym but got injured and decided to work back to my roots of working out, which is calisthenics. The calisthenic body is a cohesive body. One of the incredible things about calisthenics is that we respect movements that use the body as a whole, rather than isolate small parts of the body during training. And we do this using our own bodyweight, without ‘hurtful’ weights.
While researching the calisthenic revolution on YouTube, I chanced upon a group called Barholics and was amazed by their unique feats of strength and flexibility. Kenneth Gallarzo, a Barholics member and co-founder of the World Calisthenics Organisation, provided personal online training. Since then, I’ve kept it up and competed in Battle of the Bars organised by WCO.
I believe calisthenics is as much a social movement as it is a professional sport.

Progressive is all about moving forward and developing over time. Having patience and dedication to become better, step-by-step. It’s the desire to progress, to change and improve. Now, that takes true strength.”

Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

My biggest inspiration in life is my dad. His character, ‘never say die’ attitude — everything about him is a huge inspiration to me. I really look up to him. He pretty much brought me up to be who I am.

Describe your typical day.

My typical day starts at 0700 with a quick workout routine of pull-ups and push-ups. After breakfast and shower, I usually study ‘till noon as I’m currently taking a course in fitness. After lunch I’m off to the gym for at least two hours. Some days I’m training a client. Afterwards I have my protein, shower and do some administrative work. At night I’ll do the same routine – pull-ups and push-ups.
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