Ida Nabila Petra, Co-Founder of food takeaway store Pica-Pica, puts a new spin on the meaning of enterprise with a family-owned business that hosts more than 50 food vendors.

What inspired you to open Pica-Pica?

Pica-Pica started from a family idea. I have a business background and have always believed that business means people. Pica-Pica exists to help people.
When we first came up with the idea, we realised there were a lot of good cooks in Brunei, and not everyone could afford to start up a business, so Pica Pica gives them the platform. Promoting mainly via social media, we help food entrepreneurs sell their products and reach out to a wider customer base, while offering them sales and business advice.
Internally, we hired locals as our staff, because we want to give them a skill set that will benefit them in the long run. The core business of Pica-Pica is to empower new-age food entrepreneurs.

Progressiveness means keeping your pulse on what your customers desire. It’s all about staying relevant, as much as it’s about looking ahead to stay ahead.

Why is it called Pica-Pica?

Pica-Pica is a Tagalog word that means before appetisers. Before appetisers you’re eating a little bit of this and that. We expanded that idea to our business by providing a wide array of packaged food for the time-starved people in Brunei.

How did you come up with the concept and design for the store?

Initially our target was to attract children; hence we went for the bright colours and a candy store theme. As our offering expanded, we kept to our theme because we believe that all of us deserve a little fun in our lives sometimes.

What are your hopes for the business?

We definitely have bigger plans in place and we hope to open up more options for the people. As of now, we are building the resources for it.
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Address: No. 3, Bangunan Khazanah PM – Norashikin, Spg 51, Kg Menglait,
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