Pomades and Haircuts for lovers, rockers and ravers. Men’s grooming products.

What made you venture into the mens grooming business?

Back in my working days I always asked myself what am I going to do for retirement since I don’t have pension. For me, I always had this thing about kopitiams and barbershops, there’s almost a romantic thing about them, you could say I have a kopitiam and barbershop fetish. So I had this plan in the back of my head to open up this business when I retire one day. However, 3 years ago I somehow found myself cutting hair for clients at home and so the barbershop business began. Now that I have realised one of my goals, I might move on to open a kopitiam as my next venture. Who knows I might just marry the two together so my customers can eat their Roti Kawin while waiting for their haircut all in one place!

What was the inspiration behind your business?

The inspiration behind this business was of course my desire to provide a better life for my family. But as far as the barbershop goes I wanted to create a good haircutting experience for my customers. It’s all so they can enjoy their experience and tell their friends about it. I have always been a retro fan so I bring some of those elements into the shop but it also has a modern feel at the same time. When customers walk in they feel like they are somewhere else for a second.

To me progressive is about seeing things differently and pushing yourself forward. We change the rules and question the status quo and see how we can do it even better. So cheers to the misfits who do things differently and change the world. Now that’s Progressive!

Describe your typical day

My typical day is nothing fantastic. It would be a school run in the morning then I’d do a light exercise if I feel like it. Then I’ll come back to my house to check my email and take care of my small boy for a little bit while getting ready for work at my barbershop from 12PM. I’ll then be home around 9PM. Then repeat the same thing for the whole week. I get my off day every Monday while the rest of us start their week. You know that Bruno Mars song “the lazy song”? That’s my kinda song every Monday.
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