Khayree & Khalis, DJs who know how to get the party started, believes in stepping up and grooving on.

When did you start spinning tunes?

It all started when we were 15 years old, we didn’t play any instruments so we figured we should venture into DJ-ing. Then it was a hobby. We bought our first set in 2007.
We find it so fulfilling to bring the art and science of mixing music to the people. Imagine the power of influence. The absolute control we have in keeping the dance floor moving, ramping up the energy or tamping down with long blends or transitions between songs. Some may call it trickery, but we call it powerful magic.

To us Progressive means being able to enhance yourself regardless of the circumstances and setting realistic goals. Personally we think it doesn’t matter whether the progress is slow or fast. A slow progression is still progress.

Who inspires you musically?

There’s a lot, but I have to say Tiesto is a main inspiration as well as KOC and The Whitest Boy Alive. They are the best and we consider them musical geniuses. They have transcended musical genres to create their unique magnum opuses. Our music is all-encompassing and honest. We play from house, progressive house, tech-house and deep-house music to downtempo.

What does your future hold?

We want to continue pursuing our DJ goals to achieve more of what we want to be. We love doing gigs because we love the energy that the crowd gives us whenever we spin for events. We’ve done gigs in Kuala Lumpur at Bakita, Pallete Pallette, The Pool and lots more. We are currently producing our own tracks and planning to come up with our own EP. At the moment people can listen to our tracks on Soundcloud – Potassiums.
Check them out on IG:@POTASS1UM (K1) & @ktwo (K2)