Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I went to St George’s for high school and Maktab Duli for college. Went to Uni in KL, but since I was doing an American degree, I took a year off before the second phase (which would be in US) so I stayed in Brunei. I Co-wrote a business book in the country, and needed to figure out the next step, either invest a lot of money in Uni or try my hand at business. I decided to open a shop that would cater to nerds like myself and after 8 months of trying to get it together, I opened the doors in September 2012.

How’s your typical day like?

On a normal day, I would start work at 9 AM and after I’ve finished as much work as I can, I’d sometimes take time to goof off on the internet – what some could call: work hard and play hard. At off times you can catch me playing video games, having karaoke sessions or catching up over lunch (with my Dotroot team).

What or who is your inspiration in life?

Aside from my parents, who have always pushed through regardless of any obstacles, my biggest inspiration is the late Superman actor Christopher Reeve. He played superman from 1978 to 1987 but was permanently disabled in 1995 after an equestrian accident. Instead of letting that stop him, he became a champion for people with spinal injuries and became a real life hero. Even though he passed away 11 years ago, I still find myself following his journey through life to remind myself on the meaning of heroism and overcoming any adversity.

Being progressive means having to develop and explore new means of using technology, making it more accessible and discovering new ways to change things with what we have yet to explore.

Since we’re talking about Superheroes…if you had a chance to be any character in Star Wars, who would you be and why?

I would be Luke Skywalker. He exemplifies a rare form of selflessness that has gone to define our expectations of any protagonist in pop culture mythology. He had the odds stacked against him from the beginning and lost everyone he loved in his mission to restore peace to the galaxy but that didn’t stop him from sacrificing everything for a higher calling, his destiny to redeem his father and keep the force alive…I’ve always aspired to bring out the best in others and Luke Skywalker has done exactly that. The fact that he is also one of the most powerful Jedi’s to ever live is a plus.

What has been your biggest obstacle in life?

This question is sooooo introspective…I think breaking away from stereotype! Because I was initially studying to be a Doctor, so convincing my parents about deterring away from their expectations was challenging.

What do you consider to be your biggest single achievement to date (aside from Dotroot)?

I guess opening up my first store and probably expanding – I opened ‘Fanboys Infinite’ when I was half way through university, which was about 3 years ago, and told my parents about my plans about opening the store and they were pretty cool about it.