Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

My main passion is in graffiti but basically I bring in and sell street wear in Brunei. Mostly, from L.A. (Los Angeles, U.S.A). It started back in 2008 with graffiti being an extension of myself and from there I got into street wear. I was a business student so it was a natural thing for me to do, it’s part of me and nobody else was doing it at the time.

For me, progressive is knowing what you can do right now to be better. Everything we do is in revelation of our long-term goal. As Muslims, we need to look at ourselves and see where we are going. Alhamdulillah all thanks to Him (Allah the Almighty), I’ve been able to achieve what I have till now.

Interesting. How did you start it all?

With Kraytion Co. I started off with small stickers, sketching during live events, and mostly anything involved with graffiti. I then decided to contact some of the graffiti pioneers like; ‘This is it’ and ‘The Seventh Letter’ who were helpful. I also started selling Zox (which are these colorful cool wristbands) and they were very supportive in wanting to do collaborations. This then pushed me to open up my own company. I still hadn’t setup my company at the time but since they wanted to do collaborations that directed me to open one.

Your motto is ‘We Crush Giants’, what does that mean?

I wanted to relate to the consumers and to the people, those who are inspired with this tag line. Giants can be obstacles, our competitors, something to beat, or could even be yourself. I believe in overcoming this, and that fighting to stand up against ‘Giants’ is an important thing.