Has a Masters in Fine Arts. Established since 2013
Relaunched with an Eid Collection in 2015
Launching a special collaboration with one of the local designers in her next line in November

What made you venture into customised handbags?

Let me begin by explaining what Diaphanous means, (di·aph·a·nous) means light, delicate and translucent and I believe an element of transparency radiates confidence and femininity with just the right amount of modern chic. Hand-made pieces are so much in trend right now and are much more appreciated, so I decided to pursue my dream as a Fashion Designer by starting up a handbag line with beautifully designed and hand-crafted see-through bags.

To be progressive is the mission. Not just for the brand but being progressive in life is an important aspect of growing and developing as a being. To not fear change but seek challenges to help you innovate and be better. Being progressive is to move forward positively and improve along the way.

What or who is your inspiration in life?

Although world-renowned designers in the fashion world influence me, I also get my inspiration from my surroundings. When you seek inspiration, you will realize it comes from everywhere. The beauty or even the mundane of everyday can easily spark creativity.
Check her out on Instagram: @diaphanousbymumzie