Tell us about yourself.

Bruneian and a local. I design things. I only started loving designs after high school with the help of the internet. And I love to travel so I can get more perspective. I’m also inspired by culture and arts in other countries I visit. I love collecting limited edition sneakers. Yes that’s it. I’m pretty basic.

How did things start out for Needs B Major?

Needs B Major was established only a few months back, October 2015 to be exact. My wife and I were always passionate about design as well as arts and craft. We wanted to create something that is unique, worthwhile and meaningful to every individual. We wanted the freedom to produce our own goods based on our own principles and beliefs. That is when we had the idea to start our own brand, and I guess our own philosophy. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy to build a brand, moreover we weren’t quite sure how the market was going to react to it. It was a long and difficult journey at first, however, we continued to follow our intuition and Needs B Major was born.

What’s a regular day like for you and what usually happens?

We are still a very young company with only a handful of us managing it. Each of us has a different yet equally important role to play in both our store and our office, i.e. attending to our customers, designing, producing orders, marketing our products and of course from time to time contributing ideas on improving our products and services. We like things to be unpredictable, no rules apply to any of us as we are pretty self-disciplined and we are hoping to keep it that way.

How do you hope your actions can inspire others to achieve similar goals and successes?

All I can say is don’t be bothered by the status quo and simply follow your passion. Genuine success is about doing the things you truly love and being good at it.

What are your plans for the future? Is Needs B Major planning for greater heights and beyond?

Currently, we are looking to expand our product range and creative services in Brunei. We are also in the midst of setting up our online store to offer convenience for our local customers. In the future, we are hoping to take our brand to the regional market.

Single biggest achievement?

I think one of them has to be marrying my beautiful wife – which was 2 years ago. And few others were when we had my artworks displayed at one of the galleries in Melbourne. That was when I graduated in 2009 and then also, I had one of my works published in a magazine – called Chois Packaging magazine based in Shanghai.

How would you consider your efforts to be progressive?

Well, I believe that the responsibility in contributing to our community and to the greater good is the key to progress. Needs B Major is not just about business as helping others that are in need and preserving the environment has always been a part of our foundation.

I guess progressive means achieving your goals, I suppose. When we opened this business – although we were working towards our goal, we actually required individuals and customers to support us. We have our own foundation and principles, but I guess without the help of our customers we wouldn’t be able to be where we are now.