25 October 2022 – A total of fifty-eight people took part in the blood donation drive at the blood donation campaign organized by Progresif Sdn Bhd at its headquarters on 24 October, in conjunction with Make a Difference Day.

The ‘Gift of Blood, Gift of Life’ campaign was in collaboration with the Blood Donation Center of Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha (RIPAS) Hospital as well as Pusat Bahagia and The Impian Project.

The donation drive is in response to the nation’s need for blood donations to replenish all types of blood supply, particularly for people in need of blood transfusions and during emergencies. This activity is crucial to maintaining a sufficient blood supply in the national blood bank as the demand for blood stays constant.

Progresif’s partners, staff and members of the public were among those who were willing to roll up their sleeves in support of this worthy cause.

As part of the Make a Difference Day, Progresif invited trainees from Pusat Bahagia to sell handicrafts, coffee and other refreshments to attendees. The collaboration aims to spread awareness, to highlight different abilities as well as their knowledge and skills in producing quality products. The campaign also seeks to educate the public on supporting the economic empowerment of Persons With Different Abilities (PWDA) and their valuable contributions to society.

“This pop-up event has given our trainees the opportunity to interact with the public, improve their customer service skills and showcase the different roles our trainees can play in economic activities. We hope that members of the public can continue to support Pusat Bahagia and its initiatives in strengthening the development of the PWDA Ecosystem.” said Dk Dewi Kartika Putri Pg Shahminan, Pusat Bahagia.

During the event, a member of the Impian Project, Muhammad Danish Aliuddin Bin Muhammad Noorizan, who is an aspiring painter, showcased his art pieces for purchase by the public. There were multiple works of art on show, with styles ranging from landscape painting to abstract and pop art. Proceeds of the artwork will go directly to the artist. Also on display during the event was The Impian Project thermos flask, with proceeds from the sales to fund programmes under The Impian Project. Additionally, handmade fridge magnets made by students from the Sinar Ceria Program pre- vocational Sekolah Menegah Lambak Kiri (SMLK) were also sold.

“It is always a pleasure to collaborate with Progresif, who have always supported The Impian Project’s activities and events. Showcasing the abilities of members of the special needs community is one of the objectives of The Impian Project and the opportunity to do so at such a meaningful event paved the way for greater visibility for Danish who only deserves the highest acknowledgment of his talent. Thank you Progresif for driving and supporting inclusion initiatives in Brunei Darussalam.” said Lailatul Zubaidah Hussain, Founder, The Impian Project.

Members of the public who wish to donate their blood are encouraged to download the Bloodkad mobile app to book appointments. For further information, please contact the Blood Donation Centre at 2242424 (ext 5745/6001/6002) or WhatsApp at 8775745 or 7375745, or email to bloodbank@moh.gov.bn.

Members of the public who wish to buy products from Pusat Bahagia can contact (+6738352315) or at @pusatbahagia on instagram.

Members of the public who wish to buy art pieces from Muhammad Danish Aliuddin Bin Muhammad Noorizan can do so through The Impian Project Hotline 8222747 or through Instagram @theimpianproject.