Progresif Cellular has achieved another business milestone by signing a landmark deal with Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd to provide high speed data connection and solutions on the company’s project site in Pulau Muara Besar (PMB) and Hengyi headquarters at the Empire Hotel & Country Club.
The agreement with Hengyi sets the stage for Progresif Solutions which is the latest line of business solutions from the company that is both flexible and affordable to fit the needs of government organisations and private businesses.
Roger Plahay, Acting CEO of Progresif, said that the deal paves the way for the company to continue pursuing innovative solutions for businesses in Brunei.
“This agreement is a great example of our approach to doing business, and is the result of the Progresif team working closely with the team at Hengyi to craft a solution that delivers value and real results. We’re providing critical connectivity to facilitate business development and site safety that helps progress of a major development initiative in Brunei.”
“As Progresif looks to expand our product and service offerings beyond mobile communications, Enterprise solutions represent a great opportunity for us to continue delivering innovation through a consultative and collaborative approach. We can provide cost effective and quick-to-deploy solutions that add real value to our customers and help achieve their mission critical business objectives,” he said.
Yap Boon Hui, Hengyi’s Senior Manager for Information Systems, said “This is an important milestone for Hengyi Industries and Progresif Cellular. The agreement exemplifies how two companies from different industries can work closely together and achieve a win-win situation.”
“The solution that Progresif provides allow us to communicate globally through high quality data connectivity. It will enable us to transmit and receive critical data relating to the operations and safety of our people and facilities” he said.
Radi El Fassed, Progresif’s Head of Product Development, said that Progresif Solutions focuses on understanding the communication needs of businesses which vary depending on factors such as industry and stages of growth.
“With Progresif Solutions, we have ICT experts and partners working with our customers to design, install and operate complex solutions that are based on the needs of our customer. We believe in giving users the freedom to do what they want instead of having pre-packaged plans that do not match their needs.”
As the business environment becomes increasingly competitive, both government and private enterprises are constantly finding ways to better manage their ICT resources for an outcome that results in accelerated growth.
Organisations and enterprises need a flexible, affordable and high quality service that matches their needs and can be developed further as their company grows.
Progresif Solutions gives government institutions and private businesses an edge in maximising their productivity by providing dedicated network connectivity, data management and consultative IT services for government agencies and corporate businesses.
Since the company’s inception, Progresif has grown substantially in the last two years with an ever-growing subscriber base and a network that continues expanding to provide the best service to customers.
Progresif Solutions is now available to businesses, government agencies and educational institutions. For more information, visit