Progresif latest Hari Raya packets celebrates another year of merging the festive celebration with the work of local creative talents.
To produce the packets, Progresif collaborated with local artists to produce its first Hari Raya packets which places special focus on environmental preservation.
Progresif has partnered with five local artists to produce five unique Hari Raya packets that, for the first time, features an environmental theme and message for the festive season.
For this year’s Hari Raya packets, Progresif collaborated with Aizzah Hanis, Osveanne Osman, Khairul Ibrahim, Amalina Abu Bakar and Hairol Khan, to produce designs inspired by the artists’ vision of harmony between progress and environmental preservation.
Each design represents key ideas of how the festive season can be celebrated with an environmental twist, from Aizzah’s design about mindfulness to prevent wastage to Hairol’s artwork that rallies Bruneians to be more hands-on when it comes to protecting Brunei’s pristine environment.
Devin Edwards, Chief Marketing Officer at Progresif, said: “We’re proud to bring to everyone Hari Raya packets that carry a strong environmental theme in our third year of creative collaboration with local artists for Hari Raya.”
“We’re passionate about environmental preservation and consider it to be one of the key success factors for Brunei which is blessed with an environment rich in biodiversity. As Brunei continues its path of economic development, we’re happy to play a role in contributing to progress through our ongoing support for environment-related initiatives.”
“At the same time, our collaboration with local artists helps foster creative talent and stimulate the growth of the local creative scene so that it can better contribute to the growth of the local economy,” he said.
The Environment is one of the four pillars of Progresif’s corporate social responsibility programme alongside Arts and Culture, Education and Entrepreneurship. Progresif announced its four CSR pillars in January 2017, signalling a commitment to invest in all the CSR areas in such a way that represents the true meaning of Progress.
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