Progresif announced today the release of the tenth issue of its quarterly magazine, featuring stories on how building collaboration can help achieve progress.

To bring the theme to life, Progresif worked with many individuals and organisations that have attributed their success to the collaborative process.

From articles on hackathons and business forums to events such as the Intermission music workshop, Progresif made sure that the essence of collaboration was captured on every significant story in the magazine.

The Progresif Magazine also expands its stories on the featured individuals and organisations beyond text and pictures. Some of the articles include QR codes that direct curious readers to more in-depth video stories and interviews on the Progresif website at

In this issue, Progresif has also released Vol.4 of the Locals Only album which features 12 kids and teenagers singing original compositions and covers of famous songs, adding to the diversity of talents found in the Progresif Radio app. The full album is available through the Progresif Radio app in the ‘On Demand’ section under ‘Locals Only’.

The magazine continues to stay on top of the latest tech trends with two stories — electronic ticketing and drone racing — both of which are experiencing a tremendous rise in popularity and adoption in their respective industries. 

Readers can also expect the latest information on products, services and promotions, including the latest updates on Progresif PAY which includes QuickPay, eCredits and NFC.

Devin Edwards, Chief Marketing Officer of Progresif, said: “The greatest and most innovative ideas are often the results of collaboration. In this issue, we’re happy to bring stories of how collaboration leads to success in Brunei as exemplified by the individuals and organisations we’re featuring.”

Readers are encouraged to give feedback and share ideas on Progresif media channels on what they would like to see in future issues.

The magazine can be found at your nearest Progresif store and throughout over 700 locations in Brunei. The magazine articles are also available online at