3 September 2022 – Progresif continuously enhances their way of providing excellent products and services to their customers, specifically in digital connectivity and online experience. On 1st September 2022, and in line with the national objective of improving connectivity across the nation, Progresif has phased out the 20 Mbps plans by providing free upgrades to 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps plans, giving their new customers the freedom to try any of the new Progresif fibre broadband plans without the commitment of a contract.

With the upgrade, Progresif has also introduced new Home WiFi Plans where customers can expect double home WiFi speeds up to 200 Mbps at a much lower price with discounts and rewards available on the selected plans.

Progresif Home Wi-Fi subscribers who use data for work, studying, streaming, and gaming now get to experience a speed boost, an increase in their data allowance, and a discount on their previous rates. For the higher speed of 100Mbps, the customer has the option to get 550GB for only $49, 1TB for $90, 1.5TB for $130, or an unlimited data for $275.

Customers who generally use higher speeds of data can also opt for substantial savings with the 200 Mbps, with a choice of 2TB for $155 and 2.5TB for $185, allowing for a seamless streaming experience.

Along with the faster speeds of Progresif Fibre Broadband, customers can now enjoy faster real- world speeds and greater coverage with Progresif’s exclusive free WiFi 6 router bundle for new signups. The latest generation of WiFi 6 routers, when combined with a Progresif Home Fibre, will now allow for smoother gaming and streaming across multiple devices and experience less buffering and congestion.

Attractive incentives will also be given to the first 100 customers who sign up, upgrade, or port-in to selected Progresif Home WiFi Plans. They will be given FREE home care vouchers that can be redeemed at local vendors for home cleaning, car detailing, aircon servicing and much more.

Progresif’s unwavering commitment to their customer experience means the brand believes every customer deserves a more powerful, less complicated, and highly dependable service provider. The brand offers to switch and activate services within 24 hours upon signing up for a Progresif Fibre plan and to provide free installation worth $100 on a 12-month contract. Additionally, Progresif provides inexpensive add-ons for only $10 for 100GB.

Hajah Nurul Haniah Binti Haji Jaafar, Progresif’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are ecstatic for the same reasons you are. We are prepared to respond to the nation’s call for progress and become the provider of choice. With Progresif Fibre speed uplift, Progresif is offering greater value and control, allowing customers the freedom to do more with their time and money. The Progresif home WiFi bundle with the Free WiFi 6 router will give our customers bigger data, better options, faster speed, and stronger connectivity to the world and beyond, bringing Brunei that much closer to becoming the Connected and Smart Nation.”

The brand also launched a new feature on its highly acclaimed CARE+, the application that is readily available for IOS and Android users giving customers the ability to manage not just their telco needs, but also their lifestyle needs. CARE+ users can now get a detailed breakdown of their data usage, providing end users with a better understanding of their usage at their fingertips.

For more information on this latest Progresif Fibre Promo plan, customers can visit their website at www.progresif.com, or through Progresif Instagram @thatsprogresif, or visit their Facebook pages. Optionally, the public can also reach out to Progresif via WhatsApp SMS at 8220177 or by calling 177.