Progresif, in partnership with Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD), is excited to be innovating, and setting the groundwork for a cashless economy in Brunei, by merging the best technologies from the telecommunications and banking industries together.
Progresif is at the leading edge of digital payment trends with the addition of new features on Progresif PAY.  These new features will be showcased at the Brunei Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Festival starting today until March 31 in the BRIDEX Hall in Jerudong.
Digital payments are poised for explosive growth in the coming years. According to a survey by the Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI), today 76 per cent of Bruneians use e-commerce tools to shop, bank and pay bills.
For consumers, a cashless economy presents many benefits, most notably, increased convenience, security and tracking of expenses. It also removes the risk of receiving counterfeit currency.
The new features of Progresif PAY— QuickPay, Tap and Pay and eCredits— puts Progresif and BIBD at the forefront of ecommerce convenience by giving users the freedom of cashless payments and secure online transactions using their mobile phones.
With QuickPay and NFC, Progresif PAY users can simply use their mobile devices to pay for purchases at over 1,000 merchants in the Sultanate. As for eCredits, users can now buy credits for Facebook Games, PlayStation Network, Skype, Steam and iTunes.
Paul Taylor, Chief Executive Officer at Progresif, said: “The new features in Progresif PAY raise the standard on financial security and digital transactions for the fast-growing innovative mobile service consumers of Brunei, to new levels”.
Abby Chu, Segment Manager at Progresif, said “Being progressive is about continuous improvement and this is reflected in all that we do, whether it’s about new products and services or giving our support to the local community.”
“Progresif PAY is a project that is born of a strategic partnership with BIBD. We are committed to the philosophy that delivering on common goals through collaboration is good for us, good for our customers and—above all—good for the nation.” she said.
The new Progresif PAY app is available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Potential customers can drop by the Progresif booth at the MSME Festival to register for Progresif PAY.  If you are one of the first 500 individuals to register, you will get $10 credited into your new Progresif PAY account.
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