Be a Progresif Perks Partner

Welcome to Progresif Perks, our brand-new loyalty programme that rewards Progresif’s customers!

We’re giving you the opportunity to join us as a Progresif Perks partner, where you’ll have the opportunity to reach a growing audience of loyal Progresif subscribers.

Increase your business’s visibility and attract new customers by offering exclusive discounts or rewards to Progresif Perks members!

What are benefits of progresif perks?


Increase Exposure

By being part of the Progresif Perks programme, your business will be promoted to a large and growing audience of Progresif subscribers who are interested in the latest offers and promotions.


Access To Loyal Customer

By offering exclusive discounts or rewards to Progresif Perks members, you’ll be able to attract new customers who are already engaged with Progresif’s services and products.


Cost-Effective Marketing

The Progresif Perks programme offers a cost-effective marketing channel for your business to reach a targeted audience of subscribers.

How it Works

Want to find out more?

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