Being Progresif, we’re always looking at new frontiers to explore. Modern advancements have adapted much of our day-to-day activities and moved them online. Where once, you waited for your favourite show to air at 8pm, platforms like Netflix and YouTube allow you to choose what you watch and when. Queueing at the bank can now be avoided simply by paying bills over the internet.

With the advent of music streaming apps, radio, too, is going online. In fact, it seems like – thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones – life, is going online. If we were to encapsulate the patterns of this technological paradigm shift, its defining feature would be the drive to put control in the hands of the people.Mobile phones now function like an extended limb, enabling us to do more, simply by sitting in our palm.
What’s a telecommunications provider to do but to evolve too? So we thought about our core values: How do we innovate our mobile services? How can we communicate with a greater audience? What are we passionate about?
And with that, came

Progresif Radio.

So how are we taking radio to the next level?

First, we start on the foundations. Progresif Radio, like traditional radio, features a live stream broadcast manned by a team of diverse personalities – a mix of seasoned presenters and fresh voices to connect with listeners from all walks of life.
Then, we bring in flexibility. Our On Demand library provides a wealth of options for listeners to choose from. Don’t fancy what’s playing on the live stream? Explore our range of curated playlists. Prefer listening to podcasts?
We’ve got a mix of podcasts and interviews with household names. Missed your favourite DJ live on air? That’s ok. Catch-up radio allows you to listen to their show up to 48 hours after it aired. The choice is always yours.
Next, we build it to be interactive – incorporating features that allow listeners a fuller experience. The Vote function allows listeners to choose the songs that are played on the live stream, giving them more control over what they want to hear. Meanwhile, Open Mic encourages listeners to leave us voice notes, giving the chance for their voices to be heard on the radio.

But it doesn’t, and won’t stop there. At Progresif, we are always forward-thinking, always evolving, so stay tuned to Progresif Radio to see where we’ll go next.