Progresif Cellular has released the newest edition of its quarterly in-house magazine featuring extensive coverage on the local creative scene along with latest developments on global technology.
The 73-page magazine contains exclusive stories on creative individuals from writers and performance artists to fashion designers and architects, all of whom have made immense contributions to help build the country’s creative scene.
Within the pages, Progresif features inspirational Bruneians doing good work overseas while the page on tech trends cover stories on the latest in global technology.
The magazine also carries updates on Progresif’s new headquarters, a range of Progresif products and initiatives and a number of events that are tied to Progresif’s business and corporate social responsibility programme.
Devin Edwards, Progresif’s Chief Marketing Officer, said that public reception for the magazine has been positive since its first issue in 2015.
“The support from the community has helped Progresif magazine evolve into a platform for driving awareness and support for our corporate social responsibility pillars of Education, Entrepreneurship, Arts & Culture and Environment.”
“We look forward to a next level of innovation in expanding this strategy beyond print to other media to give even greater support in highlighting all the great talent, ideas and progressive initiatives throughout Brunei and beyond,” he said.
As a way to acknowledge the local creative scene, Progresif has also partnered with Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) and the Brunei Creative Council (BCC) to create an online directory of creative professionals from eight categories: Architecture, Advertising, Publishing, Multimedia, Crafts, Fashion, Visual Arts, Music and Performance Arts.
This directory will help both creative companies and freelance professionals to gain access to the vast array of creative services and opportunities in Brunei.
Any creative companies or individuals that fall into these eight categories can register themselves into the database at
Progresif Magazine is a platform to highlight developments happening in the country and the world. It seeks to keep readers updated on not just the about the global tech industry but also how these developments are deeply connected to the country’s own growth process. The magazine is printed by Brunei Press.
This is just the beginning of Progresif’s expansion into the media space. More media initiatives will be taking place over time as the company continues to grow its engagements with local events and other on-the-ground developments in the country.
Progresif Magazine can be found at your nearest Progresif store and is available for download at