Progresif Cellular announced today the release of the sixth issue of their quarterly in-house magazine. This issue features an Islamic theme with articles on harnessing your true potential, and living a progressive life along with several stories about progressive people making a difference in the community.
Progresif once again teamed up with local photographers, artists and writers including a certified psychologist who authored pieces on the ‘Unlimited Self’.
The magazine contains exclusive coverage on Progresif’s four pillars of community support featuring stories about Education, Entrepreneurship, Arts & Culture and the Environment.
At the same time, the magazine revisits global technology trends and scientific advances with articles on virtual and augmented reality, both of which are set to re-define the way we interact and communicate.
The magazine also features updates on the new Progresif headquarters, which is being shaped into a cultural and entrepreneurial hub through the StartUp Lab and community Banquet Hall which is open for rental opportunities.
Readers can also find the latest information on handsets, products and promotions like the new Unlimited and Mobile Broadband Plans.
Devin Edwards, Progresif’s Chief Marketing Officer, said that the magazine continues to attract positive feedback from readers who are keen on hearing about the progressive developments in Brunei.
“Brunei is filled with ambitious and passionate people who work daily to bring great ideas to life, to continuously improve their communities and to drive development in the nation. The mission of our magazine is to seek out and help promote all that is progressive about Brunei, and often beyond, in hope that we can help raise awareness, support and, most critically, inspire future generations of progressives to take action and apply their passion in ways that drive innovation and development.”
“Every issue of the magazine that we’ve done helps generate more ideas for the upcoming issues. We’re happy to say that this is the first Islamic themed issue, and we think that it’s our best issue yet,” he said.
Readers are encouraged to provide feedback through social media channels and share their thoughts on what they would like to see in future issues.
The Progresif Magazine can be found at your nearest Progresif store and will be available for download on the new company website in early July.