Progresif announced today the release of the eighth issue of their quarterly in-house magazine, featuring a community theme which explores the contributions made by local and expatriate communities in Brunei.
In this issue of the magazine, Progresif collaborated with an anthropologist and feature writers to develop stories on the presence of different communities in Brunei and to highlight their social, cultural and economic contributions to the country.
The magazine contains exclusive coverage on Progresif’s latest corporate social responsibility activities that highlight support and development across the four core pillars of Education, Entrepreneurship, Arts & Culture and the Environment.
In the technology trends section, readers can learn more about emerging technologies that leverage the vast realm of the internet to extend community beyond geographical borders and family relations, to likeminded people across the globe who can bond and share ideas and opportunities related to special interests.
Readers will find the community aspect well represented by the seven individuals in the Progresif Heroes section who are actively contributing and fostering the spirit of community in Brunei.
The Progresif magazine also continues to feature talented local musicians with the release of their second studio album the much anticipated ‘Locals Only’ compilation featuring eight original songs all recorded and mastered at the Progresif studio.
The compilation crisscrosses genres such as indie, rock, electronica, jazz and punk. The songs are now available for listening on the Progresif Radio app which is available for download for Android and iOS.
The magazine also carries up to date information on the latest handsets, products and promotions such as Unlimited Facebook and Instagram.
Devin Edwards, Progresif’s Chief Marketing Officer, said that the magazine has grown tremendously in terms of its ability to highlight new and progressive ideas that help Brunei thrive.
“At the heart of every progressive nation are people with great ideas equipped with the passion to drive change for the better,” he said.
“We’re proud to play a role in highlighting the progressive people, ideas and initiatives in Brunei with the goal of inspiring Bruneians to get involved and follow their passion in ways that would help Brunei grow even further.”
Readers are encouraged to share their ideas through social media channels and give feedback on what they would like to see in future issues.
The magazine can be found at your nearest Progresif store and throughout over 700 locations in Brunei. The magazine articles will also be available online at