28 September, 2023 – Progresif Sdn Bhd proudly stood alongside thousands of Muslims in a grand procession through the capital city. This significant event, commemorating the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on the 12th RabiulAwal 1445 Hijrah, underscored the company’s steady commitment to community, cultural and religious values, and unity.

The Progresif’s procession led by Abdul Hakeem bin Haji Basir, Progresif’s Chief Administration, in collaboration with the Senior Management team and employees, witnessed thousands of Muslim citizens joining a national rally. This collective display of respect for the life and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) illuminated the company’s dedication to fostering a harmonious society.

Progresif Sdn Bhd’s active involvement in this event is a resounding testament to its commitment to aligning with Brunei’s identity as a ‘nation of Zikir,’ emphasizing the nation’s devotion to Allah SWT.