On Friday 28 April 2023, Progresif Sdn Bhd is ready to take the Bruneian entertainment scene by storm with the release of its latest and most anticipated content. Progresif Media is thrilled to announce the launch of Tiny Lounge 2.0 and exclusively four new releases under the Cycle 3 of the AITI’s Pitch & Produce Program. These two programs are set to bring the most exceptional and entertaining content, featuring Brunei’s emerging talents, to viewers in the country and beyond.

Progresif Media’s dedication to supporting the local creative industry is unwavering, and the company’s commitment to consistently releasing new original content created by local producers, storytellers, artists, and actors is an important element to highlight and celebrate in the growing creative industry.

The Tiny Lounge 2.0 series, supported by Makan Ceria Sdn Bhd and Sparks Co., features intimate performances by Brunei’s emerging artists in unique locations, providing a unique backdrop for their music and adding to the overall experience for viewers. Produced entirely in-house by Progresif Media, the Tiny Lounge 2.0 series features 12 episodes with performances from established and up-and-coming artists, including Aziz Harun, Ezah Hashim, Bluemoongirl, Chlorine, and more. As a champion of local talent and culture, Progresif Media recognises the importance of providing a platform for aspiring exceptionally talented local artists and musicians to showcase their skills and share their stories with the world.

The Pitch & Produce Cycle 3 programme is gearing up for an exciting release of new movies and series, made possible through its ongoing partnership with AITI. These exclusive releases will be available solely on the Progresif Media platform from next month. Currently, Progresif Media offers 16 content titles, and with this upcoming release, viewers can expect an even broader range of brand-new movies and series produced entirely in Brunei. What’s more, this will also be a chance to discover new up-and-coming local actors, making it a great opportunity to support the Brunei film industry while enjoying top-quality entertainment. This partnership exemplifies Progresif’s commitment to the local creative industry and its determination to provide a platformfor emerging talent in Brunei to showcase their work.

” Progresif Media is committed to becoming a leading force in the digital media industry. We strive to provide a platform that not only showcases Bruneian talent but also nurtures and elevates the creative industry in Brunei. We are excited to continue supporting and providing opportunities for local talents to showcase their work. Our goal is to build a vibrant and sustainable creative industry in Brunei.” said Charlotte Lim, Media Marketing of Progresif Media.

As part of Progresif Media’s ongoing commitment to adding more diverse and quality content to its platform, the company recently released its latest series, Kid’s Club, on April 23. This is the first kids program available on the platform and is entirely free to watch. Created and produced by Relentless Entertainment, Kid’s Club features short, fun, and informative segments covering different topics of interest for children between the ages of 6 and 13.

Progresif Media aims to inspire the local film and music scene by providing a platform with a wider reach across the world, giving opportunities to sneak into Brunei’s pool of exceptional talent. Their dedication to fostering creativity and innovation in Brunei’s creative scene has helped elevate the profile of local musicians and filmmakers, inspiring future generations of storytellers to pursue their passions by giving creators the opportunity to earn from their creative content.

Progresif Media invites viewers to enjoy the Tiny Lounge 2.0 series and the Pitch & Produce 3.0 programme and explore the diverse range of content available on their platform. Progresif Media offers affordable monthly and quarterly subscription plans priced at BND5.99 and BND14.99, respectively. Users can access Progresif Media on their mobile devices and web browsers at www.progresifmedia.com, making it easier to enjoy and explore new shows and movies across different devices and screens. To stay up to date with the latest content available on the platform, follow @progresifmedia on Instagram.