Progresif signs an agreement with the Asian Contact Center to upgrade its call centre infrastructure and establish a regional BPO centre in Brunei

Progresif announced today the first phase of improvements for its call centre infrastructure with the signing of an agreement with the Lao-based Asian Contact Center (ACC).
The deal sees Progresif embarking on a month-long project to boost customer services response and solution turnaround time, further reinforcing its commitment to improving customer service quality.
Devin Edwards, Chief Marketing Officer at Progresif, said: “We are excited to be in this partnership with the ACC and their partners, Aheeva (a Canadian company) and Atelka, both companies which have extensive experience in providing contact management solutions.”
“At Progresif, we are committed to improving in every dimension of customer service. With this agreement, our customers can expect immediate improvements in service quality and customer experience.”
“Our call centres will be upgraded to become more efficient and be able to handle much larger volumes of customer enquiries, to begin with,” he said.
The agreement also sets the stage for a partnership with the ACC to establish a regional BPO centre in Brunei. The centre will support increasing demand for contact centres in the region for English, Malay and Chinese speaking clients.
The partnership — supported by the Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB) and the High Commission of Canada in Brunei — positions Progresif as an important contributor to the country’s objectives for increased foreign direct investment and economic diversification strategy.
Kevyn McGraw, CEO of ACC, said: “We are very much looking forward to expanding our BPO services to Brunei.  This partnership will allow us to create new job opportunities in the region and offer a new range of services to the ASEAN market.”
Soon Loo, CEO of BEDB, said: “We are excited for more international companies to discover that Brunei is a great place to locate their businesses to tap into the larger ASEAN market. As importantly, this collaboration will lead to the hiring of more Brunei talents.”
Her Excellency Caterina Ventura, High Commissioner of Canada to Brunei said: “We are so pleased that a Canadian company, Aheeva, is partnering with Progresif to provide improved customer service to Brunei.  This agreement represents one example of the many opportunities for Canadian companies to partner with Brunei companies to benefit Brunei society.”
The first phase of the project is already underway and is expected to be complete by the end of September 2018.

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