There is no doubt how important startups are to any country’s economy. Companies like Google and Apple had their humble beginnings, initially starting out as small groups of passionate individuals who wanted to change the world.
We know now that both brands are some of the most valuable in the world but there is obviously more to it than the billions of dollars that they generate for their economies and the tens of thousands of people that they hire.
Apart from revolutionising industries, startups are also in the business of creating new ways of solving problems.
This could mean improving existing solutions or inventing something completely new. Either way, such developments help form the backbone of any country that wants to future proof its own economy.
Brunei is aiming to achieve this through the objectives in Wawasan (Vision) Brunei 2035 which aims for highly skilled people, a quality of life that is among the top 10 nations in the world and a sustainable economy with world’s highest income per capita.
To achieve these goals, innovation will be an important element and Progresif is well positioned to be a major contributor to these objectives with its very own startup lab. Innovation has always been at the heart of what Progresif does and the hub is being setup to support local startups who are driving innovation which can be leveraged as economic drivers for the country.

For Progresif, the hub signifies a key milestone in their development for driving entrepreneurship as one of the pillars under the company’s corporate social responsibility programme. Under the startup programme businesses will gain access to support structures in areas such as engineering, legal, finance and marketing as well as access to their vendor eco system.

In other words, the company provides assistance for startups in some of the most critical aspects of running a business such as creating proper financial reports, dealing with contracts and licenses and building sales and marketing plans to ensure revenue and profitability.
Progresif will also provide a shared working space which has been designed to provide a work environment that is conducive to creativity and innovation. As part of the Startup Lab Progresif aims to be a client so as to provide real revenue opportunity as well as support. To date, Progresif has already partnered with local startups DotRoot, Itsybytes and Snapfeed to create solutions to facilitate business growth.
Additionally, Progresif is also working with data analytics company Priority Dynamics who will be the first business to take up residence at the Startup Lab.
Progresif will also be working closely with Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) for ongoing programme development along with Huawei as key technology partner.
To find out more about how your startup could get involved email us at and use the subject line “Progresif Startup Lab”.