Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a pause button for every grey Monday that came your way? Now take a deep breath and open your eyes to your inner change agent. The new leader, the go-getter, the mover, the shaker, the catalyst—the one that is not preoccupied with power, status, or who’s bigger or better. The one that makes due with whatever they are dealt with, no matter how grey the day may seem. That’s right, these are the true game-changers.
At Progresif, entrepreneurs are some of our favourite people, because we have a passion for the new and the next and a goal to bring the people of Brunei the endless possibilities that come with a connected life. Our progressive mindset makes us comfortable challenging the status quo while staying true to our centuries-old values of harmony, unity and loyalty. We’re blending the past and the possible and starting something special.
We’re nurturing creativity, innovation and intellectual growth for the betterment of all. To support the new and the next for Brunei, we’re in the process of building the Startup Lab in our new headquarters, where we will be inviting change agents in Brunei to make their dreams come true and venture to conquer the world.
As part of our programme we will be sharing our depth of experience and our infrastructure. We not only support you with technology, we can also help you to build your business model, craft marketing campaigns, create financial reports & projections and our legal team will be available to support you with contracts and licenses. To help make this possible we are building a shared working space in our new headquarters that is designed to provide a working office space, stimulate creativity, provide a social networking hub while providing access to all our experts and advanced network services.
As a startup you need a network to grow and partners to help you. Participation in our program gives you access to our network of global technology partners as well as our local partners like iCentre, Darussalam Enterprises (DARE) and UBD.
Our support of startups & small businesses is at the core of our strategy of being a catalyst for the development of the telecommunications and ICT sectors in Brunei, in line with His Majesty’s Vision for 2035. We have already partnered with companies like Snapfeed, DotRoot and Itsybytes to create new business solutions and opportunities for future growth.
Do you have a startup company with prototype product or just an idea, let us know and we will help you, advise you or even contract you to grow your business to the next level. Stay tuned for more information of how you can get involved.