Progresif has announced the successful partnership with the Centre of Networking, Employment and Career Training (CoNECT) under Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) to run a three-day career building workshop for UBD students.
The sessions, held at the UBD Library, included talks on the Progresif story, career advice and a curriculum vitae workshop which was conducted by Progresif’s Human Resources Department.
Devin Edwards, Chief Marketing Officer of Progresif, said that the cooperation with UBD is a preparational exercise for students that are entering the job market as new prospects.
“The collaboration with UBD is the result of hard work and a mutual desire to assist with knowledge transfer and training to help students prepare to enter the workforce in Brunei. The programmes we have worked on have already resulted in a number of new jobs being created at Progresif.”
“We are very happy to again be partnering with UBD as we continue to deepen our involvement and investment in Education. We look forward to working with other educational institutions in the country for opportunities to play a nurturing role for students in Brunei,” he said.
Mohd Fauzi Mosdaram, Progresif’s Head of Human Capital, conducted a talk on career building and job hunting while highlighting the importance of creating the right resume up to the interview process and hiring.
“We wanted to give the students an opportunity to experience questions that they should expect from recruiters during an interview so that they can be better prepared for future job interviews,” he said.
Also present to officiate the three-day workshop was Associate Professor Dr. Mohammad Ayub Sadiq @ Lin Naing, Assistant Vice Chancellor (Academic).
Progresif has made a longstanding commitment to the education sector and will seek to nurture the abilities and talents of students in Brunei whether by making investments or by partnering with top educational institutions in the country.
The company is ready to support Brunei’s aspirations for a knowledge based economy through investment into education which is one of Progresif’s four pillars for social responsibility.