Progresif Welcomes Freedom To Do More With Number Portability

Giving customers the ‘freedom to do more’ has been one of Progresif’s brand promises since their launch in 2015. For number portability, the company feels that it is an exciting new development in their ability to deliver on this promise.

Issuing a statement from their Gadong headquarters, the company disclosed that soon customers who want to switch their mobile or fixed line service to Progresif from an alternative carrier will be able to keep their telephone number.

Progresif CEO, Hjh Nurul Haniah binti Hj Md Jaafar, acknowledged this new policy as a big win for the consumers, stating that the issue of number portability has long been a frustrating hindrance for customers who want to change telephone carriers for a more suitable or personalised service.

“It’s no secret that in Brunei, our numbers are like an extension of one’s identity. From car license plates to mobile numbers, it’s quite normal for us Bruneians to feel a personal attachment”, the CEO said.

“Though it may sound anecdotal, this is backed up by our market research over the years, and many customers have explained that the main setback of switching to a new provider is the hassle of having to reach out to family, friends, clients and other contacts to inform them of the change. However, now with number portability, which soon will be launched, customers can easily visit any of our stores, choose their desired plans and keep their lucky phone number. We’re really glad about this,” Hjh Nurul continued.

Though a seemingly small change, the upcoming number portability change is only one of many that the brand will undergo as they look toward a productive 2020 with a number of new products, plans and initiatives to come as well.

Other changes Progresif have already announced involve new mobile plan prices and payment structures, and a considerable push toward delivering greater value across an expanding suite of products including Fibre Broadband to the home, public Wi-Fi access and a new content streaming app, Progresif Media, that will host the best of local, regional and Hollywood film, video and audio content, as well as many new, soon to be announced, developments – all aimed at giving the consumer the freedom to more.