BEST known for his epic power ballad voice, Rafiz Majid has long been a household name in the local music scene. In recent times, this pop-rock singer has expanded his solo act into a full-fledged band to catapult his singing career to new heights.
Since releasing his first single three years ago, Rafiz has taken the country by storm with original songs and live performances in different venues across the country. We had the opportunity to speak with Rafiz and his ensemble of musicians at the studio and learned more about the band’s bold new direction.

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Can you introduce yourself and your band?

Assalamualaikum. I’m Rafiz Majid and I’d like to introduce my accompanying band members; our keyboardist Kais, our bassist Zaki, our drummer Armand and our guitarist Sabri.

How did you guys start in the music scene?

The band began in 2015 during which we released our single which was called ‘Aku Pergi Untuk Dia’.
You can listen to their new song, ‘Cinta Dalam Diam’ by downloading the Progresif Radio App on Google Play and the App Store.

Which artist do you think you sound like?

Personally, my genre is commercial pop, with heavy rock and slow rock added to the mix. We have a lot of influences musically, but more importantly, we try and create our own style and personality. 

Do you have a pre-gig ritual?

Before heading on stage, we would pray, istighfar and salawat. We consider that it is important for us to do this before every performance. We also do quick warm-ups to give ourselves a confidence boost. 

What are your upcoming projects and future plans?

Inshallah, if there aren’t any hindrance, we will produce more new songs. 

Lastly. What does the word progressive mean to you?

Being progressive is about improvement. This is not just limited to music. It’s about trying something new and challenging in order to become better versions of ourselves.
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