Taking traditional values and expressing it in modern style, this design reflects the merging of two worlds: the old and new of Brunei. The artist with his signature graffiti style shows two values co-existing with each other by combining traditional visuals of the ketupat and Islamic geometric patterns with graffiti stylization.

The beautiful iconic Kampung Ayer and Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque set against the new bridge, symbolises the connection of the old and new of Brunei – representing the transformation of the centuries old water village skyline with the 750m bridge, which is Brunei’s first cable-stayed bridge that will connect commuters from Kampung Sungai Kebun to the Capital.
The artist for this piece chose to reflect on the significance of light symbolised by the Pelita, as a metaphor for progress for the people of Brunei. Key symbols of Brunei are also represented – Kampung Ayer and the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque to communicate tradition and historical importance.

The artist employs a modern take on batik painting digitally merged with traditional air muleh motifs showcasing the cross between the two – with the digital illustration used to show the new, using a digital mode instead of analog, while keeping the essence of tradition with batik and air muleh patterns.

The artist believes that in nature and life, there is always something new to see if you only look at the familiar with new eyes. This design is inspired by 3 things – traditional air muleh patterns, Islamic patterns and the Brunei national flower, the Simpur. The artwork is the artist’s interpretation of all these values and the visual represents ‘infinity’.