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Reduction on Home Broadband Installations
April 12, 2020

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Unified National Network has announced a reduction on Home Broadband installations to a minimum of 15 customers per day, across all 3 networks. Here are some of the things should you know if you’re expecting an installation at your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the COVID-19 situation in the country, UNN has taken a temporary measure to limit installations per day for all SalesCo. To ensure an adequate capacity available for all SalesCO, UNN will introduce systems adjustments effective Monday, 13th April 2020. This is where appointments will be tracked using a daily appointment schedule tracker. Any missed appointments will be rescheduled accordingly.

We will advise you on an appointment date for installation.

UNN is implementing precautionary measures due to the outbreak of COVID19, and they are reducing the number of fixed broadband service installations per day to help minimize the risk of transmission and ensure adequate resources are available to perform the work assigned on a daily basis. Therefore, appointments are being set according to the agreed number of installations per day and this might affect the allocated appointments and installation waiting time.

Due to the current pandemic of COVID19, we can see an increasing trend of people working from home, students and teachers implementing online learning, etc. This has mirrored an increase in demand of fixed broadband applications throughout all telecommunication companies. In such situation, UNN have been receiving overwhelming number of appointments causing impact to the health and safety of the installers which has led to some appointments being unattended. UNN will take responsibility on this, and will reschedule these appointments. At the same time, UNN will continue to strive and accommodate the customers by increasing the number of installers in due time in addition to the precautionary measures put in place to prevent unattended appointments.

The standard SLA for installation will be 7 days, starting from the date of appointment.

In some instances, further work may be required in order to successfully complete your installation due to infrastructure issues such as further civil works, ducting issues, broken cables, pole replacement, etc. Should any of these issues arise, the installer will inform you.

You can contact us and we will engage with UNN on the current status.


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