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Refer A Friend Campaign
April 22, 2020

Are you a Progresif customer with friends or family you think could save money with the Progresif OnePlan? If so, help us to sign them up, and we’ll pay you back for every new customer you bring to Progresif. How does it work? For every customer you refer that signs up to a Progresif plan, we’ll give you $10 into your Progresif PAY mobile wallet or off your postpaid bill. Interested?

Click here and start referring now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer a Friend campaign is a way for you to get your friends and family members on to Progresif, while getting rewarded. Every Friend you referred to a Progresif One plan gets you $10 into your Progresif PAY mobile wallet or off your postpaid bill.

To start referring, click here where you can;

  • Select the quantity of how many Friends you want to refer
  1. Fill in some quick details of yourself (it is important to fill in your correct information to eligible for your reward later)
  2. Receive the Referral Ticket with a unique QR code in your email inbox.
  3. Send the Referral Ticket with the QR code to the Friend(s) you want to refer to.
  4. Then they can simply visit to website, sign up any of Progresif Plan and upload the QR code referral ticket OR
  5. Bring it along with them to sign up for a Progresif plan at any Progresif store.

Note: the QR code is valid for one-time use per Referral. If you have 2 Referrals, you will need to fill in the form and get 2 QR codes.

You will get $10. You can choose to receive this reward

  • Directly into you Progresif PAY, OR
  • As a rebate off your Postpaid bill

If you’re on a Prepaid plan, you will get rewarded through your Progresif PAY.

After your Friend has successfully signed up for a new Progresif plan at any Progresif store, he will have to stay as an active customer of Progresif for a minimum of 3 months. When your Friend has successfully stayed active as a Progresif customer after 3 months, you will be rewarded with the $10 (for Progresif PAY – within the first 2 working weeks of the 4th month, for bill payment rebate – it will reflect in the 4th month’s bill statement).

For Progresif PAY rewards, you will receive a confirmation SMS of a $10 Progresif PAY transfer into your Progresif PAY mobile wallet. For Postpaid bill rebates, it will be reflected into your bill.

The Refer a Friend campaign is applicable for all existing Progresif line customers.

Your Friend can sign up to any of the below new core plans

  • One Mobile
  • One Home
  • One Bundle
  • One Family
  • One Family Bundle

No, you can refer as many Friends as you like!

Give us a call at 177. We will sort it out for you.

You may call us at 177 or visit any Progresif store near you.


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