Travel to your dream destination with Progresif! Sign-up or switch to Progresif and you and a friend could travel to one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Where can you go?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Seven Wonders ” about?

When you subscribe to any of our Fibre or Mobile Postpaid plans from 1 Aug 2023 to 31 Oct 2023, you will stand a chance to win a TWO pax travel package to any of the 7 wonders destinations listed. Subscribers to our Fibre plans automatically earn two (2) entries.

If I’m already an existing subscriber, can I still stand a chance?

Existing subscribers with Progresif can still earn chances to the draw by;

  1. Purchasing a total of $100 worth of Add-ons during the campaign period
  2. Purchasing a total of $100 worth of Top-ups during the campaign period
  3. Upgrading and recontract to an 18-month contract.
  4. Recontracting to a minimum of 12-month for Mobile Postpaid and Bundle plans or 18-month on Fibre plans
Do I earn extra entries depending the plan I subscribe to?

Yes, your entries depend on the plans noted below:

Sign-ups, re-contracts or upgrades to any Mobile Postpaid plan on minimum 12-month contract inclusive of Mobile bundle plans 1 entry
Sign-ups, re-contracts or upgrades to a Progresif Fibre plan on 18-month contract 2 entries

Sign-ups, re-contracts or upgrades to a Fibre Bundle plan on 12-month contract. Inclusive of the following;

  • Fibre & MORE bundle
  • Fibre & Just Data bundle
  • Fibre, MORE & Just Data bundle
  • Fibre Device bundles)
2 entries
Every BND100.00 spend on Add-ons 1 entry for every BND100.00 spend
Every BND100.00 spend on Top-ups 1 entry for every BND100.00 spend
Will I be eligible when I subscribe to Progresif bundle plans?

Yes, subscribing to any Mobile bundle plans will give you one (1) entry into the draw and any Fibre bundle plans will give you two (2) entries into the draw.


When will I know if I have won?

Winners will be announced shortly after the end of the campaign period. The winner will be contacted directly and announced on our social media pages.


When will this campaign end?

This campaign will be ongoing from 1 August 2023 to 31 October 2023


Are the travel tickets transferrable?

Yes, winners of the travel packages can be transferred at the winner’s discretion.

Can I choose or change the travel destination?

No, the destination will be allocated to the winner by random draw.


Does the travel package include a tour to the Seven Wonders site?

Yes! The package includes a tour to the destination site to see the actual Wonder of the World.


What does the travel package include?

The travel package includes flight tickets, hotel accommodation and one-day tour and transport to the Wonder of the World site. This package is for two pax.