We recently supported Universiti Brunei Darussalam’s recent participation at the Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) Asia 2017 in Singapore where they competed with over 100 teams for the title of most energy efficient vehicle.
The competition format at SEM Asia 2017 is more about efficiency rather than speed.

As the global population grows and the demand for energy increases the need to find alternative sources of energy or improve on current energy becomes even more important.

In this year’s edition of the annual competition, a total of 123 student teams from 20 countries, all vying the top prize in three various categories based on the vehicle’s energy source.
Winning is getting the right combination of energy source, streamlined vehicle design and driving strategy. Teams will also handle their own vehicle maintenance and overall communications during the competition.
At the competition, UBD placed 10th out of 23 in the prototype battery-electric category with an efficiency of 138.8km/KWH using their very own GenNovative 35 vehicle.
They also managed to break their previous record in 2014 which makes their participation at SEM Asia 2017 a resounding success.
As part of our commitment to investing in education and the environment, we are proud to sponsor UBD’s participation in the competition for the second time.
Congratulations to UBD for breaking their previous record and for being one of the four representatives from Brunei in SEM Asia 2017. We hope to continue supporting more initiatives that promote educational and environmental causes.

To find out more, see their instagram page @ubdsem