A place that redefines the term ‘incubator’ with a wholehearted commitment to entrepreneurship, education, arts and culture, and the environment. And yes, we know. It’s kinda weird to discover a startup lab that doesn’t start yapping about money first. But that’s just not who we are.
Your big idea is more than just a start-up. And if you’re already getting our attention, then you’ve put in a lot more work than just starting up. So let’s talk about what’s next. Let’ talk about something bigger.


We care about opportunity and true mentorship. And most importantly, we believe that business should be fun. Because at the end of the day, success is about more than just big ideas. It’s about us. Real people.

Here’s what it takes to join the Lab:

Be a Registered Company.
Have a Marketable, Viable Product.
Pursue Regional Expansion.
Business relation to Information and Communications Technology Industry.

Here’s how we help:

Office Space
Business Plan Reviews
Monthly Check-ins
12 Hours of Direct Mentorship
FREE Administrative, Marketing and Branding Services
5 FREE phone lines a year
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If you have an interest in being a participant in the Progresif Startup Lab, please complete the application below as best you can. Our team will review your application and will be in touch. Thanks for being Progresif.