Coverage Map

Connecting a Nation

To us genius means simplifying things, not complicating them. Making things simple is rarely easy, but we haven’t made it this far by avoiding hard work. In fact we’ve spent almost a year hard at work rebuilding and improving our network to provide reliable 3G service in most areas.

Over the last year we have invested almost $17 Million dollars rebuilding the core network infrastructure to provide stability, while improving coverage and speed. Our next effort is building an additional 35 sites to help provide coverage to more areas and to help fill areas where needed.

We take this pretty seriously, so we built the map below to show where we have sites currently and a few areas where we are looking to expand.

Like any radio-based mobile system, data reception and speeds may be affected by a lot of things like buildings, trees, Mother Nature and whether you’re indoors or in a car.

Every new subscriber helps us grow the network and make it stronger by allowing us to reinvest in strengthening and expanding our infrastructure. Our team of Progresif engineers work around the clock to monitor and maintain the network, which helps us to keep running smoothly and to ensure that we build a network that works how you need it to.

This is where you come in, by helping us fill in the gaps, in fine-tuning the network. All you need to do is hit the ‘Send Your Inquiry’ button below if you experience any quality issues that we might not be aware of. This way it helps us to send our team out to solve the problem. Some are a quick fix and others that are more complicated take time.

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