Temporary deactivation of services as per “Sales, Collections and Accounts Receivable” policy.

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What happens when I do not pay my bill on time?
A full payment must be made to your bill within 30 days of the billing date to avoid late payment charges or disconnection of service.
Will I receive a reminder to pay my bill?
You will receive an SMS text message as a reminder to pay your bill.
Can I still use my data if my service is barred?
No, your service will be temporarily disconnected.
If my One Family Plan is temporarily disconnected, will it affect my mobile services too?
Yes, all services will be affected.
When will I be reconnected after the temporary disconnection of service?
Reconnection will only be made upon full payment of all outstanding balances. If there is no payment made within 90 days, your services will be permanently disconnected.
How do I pay for my services?

You can pay your bill through our Progresif CARE+ App, Progresif PAY, authorised online banking, or you can visit your nearest Progresif Store.

Will I be charged to reconnect my broadband?
You will be charged as a new activation if your broadband had been permanently disconnected.