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What Bundles does Progresif offer?

We offer bundles that package our Mobile and Home Broadband:





Do the bundles come with monthly Fixed line?

You get an optional free fixed line when you sign up to any of our One Home WiFi plans except for our 50GB plan. With this plan, an additional $10 per month will be charged for your fixed line rental.

Can I choose my own fixed line number?

Yes, you can choose and pick your own fixed line number by choosing the last four digits.

Can I keep my existing fixed line number when I port in?

Yes, you can port in your existing fixed line number when you sign up to Progresif’s One Home bundle with the optional free fixed voice line.

Will routers be provided?

Yes, we will provide a router if you are a new customer and installing broadband for the first time.

Is there a one-time installation fee for the One Home?

There will only be a one-time $100 installation fee if you have not had a fibre broadband installed. However, you may choose to have this fee waived provided you commit to a 12-month contract.

If you are porting in from another operator, there will be no installation charges. However, any additional charge is subjected between the contractor assigned by UNN and the customer depending on the infrastructure of the location of the installation.

What do I need to pay upfront when I subscribe to a One Bundle Plan?

You will need to pay one month’s rental in advance

Is there any deposit required for Home WiFi plan registrations for foreigners holding Brunei-issued Green ICs?
Yes, there is a $100 deposit required Home WiFi plan registrations for foreigners with Green ICs. ICs must be valid original ICs with a validity of 3 months minimum. The deposit is refundable subjected to the service terms and conditions.
How long will installation take?

Installation time may range from 1 to 7 days.

How do I add more Data to my One Mobile and One Home plan?

Upon reaching 70% or 100% of your data usage, you can add more data by sending the following text to the following short codes:

One Mobile Text “Upgrade” or “Yes” to 39100
One Home Text “Upgrade” or “Yes” to 39110
How do I add more Data to my One Family Plan?

You can add or upgrade your data through text or through Care app (Coming soon): To add more Data to share with everyone under your Family Plan, you as the Account holder can add the following one-time Family Data Add-ons:

Family Data Add-on Text to 39100 Price
Family 5GB Data Add-on Addfam5gb $10
Family 10GB Data Add-on Addfam10gb $20
Family 40GB Data Add-on Addfam40gb $80

All Data Add-ons will be charged to your bill, together with your base plan.

If the lines under your One Family plan want to add Data for their own individual use, they can subscribe to individual Data Add-ons which will be charged to the bill:

Data Add-on Text to 39100 Price
2GB Data Add-on Add2gb $10
5GB Data Add-on Add5gb $20
10GB Data Add-on Add10gb $30

Note: Subscription texts are not case-sensitive

Will I receive any notifications on data usage?

Yes, you will receive the following SMS notifications when you have used up the following;

  • 80% of your data usage
  • 100% of your data usage
Is there carryover of unused data?
Yes, any unused data from the One Mobile and One Family base plans and Upgrades will carry over to the next month. All unused data from One Home broadband Upgrades will carry over to the next month.
Can the customer access the Nationwide WiFi using the One Home data?

Yes, One Home users get access to Public WIFI. You can login with your Progresif ID (Progresif number), Password and Service number (Fixed line number).

Nationwide WiFI is available at these locations

No Location
1 Annajat Complex
2 Baiduri Bank Mall
3 Berakas Health Centre
4 Brunei Garrison Tuker Lines
5 Brunei International Airport
6 Burger King BSB
7 Burger King Citis Square
8 Burger King KB
9 Burger King Kiulap
10 Burger King Seria
11 CAM Delima
12 CAM Gadong Big
13 CAM Kiulap
14 CAM Madewa
15 CAM Sengkurong
16 CAM Seria
17 CAM Sumbiling
18 CBTL Beribi
19 CBTL BSB Mayapuri
20 CBTL Departure Hall BIA
21 CBTL Gadong Centrepoint
22 CBTL Seaview Hotel
23 CBTL The Mall
24 CBTL Times Square
25 Charcoal BSB
26 Chung Hwa Middle School BSB
27 Citis Square
28 Cosmopolitan College Jaya Setia
29 Depot Cafe Kiarong
30 Excapade BSB
31 Excapade Kiulap
32 Excapade Kiulap Regent Square
33 Excapade Madewa
34 Excapade Pandan
35 Excapade Seria
36 Excapade Times Square
37 Fiore Restaurant
38 Fratini Centrepoint
39 Fratini Pandan
40 Fratini Seria
41 Fratini Sg. Tilong
42 FunBlocks
43 Horizon BSB
44 Hua Ho Manggis
45 Hua Ho Tg Bunut
46 Imagine Centre Citis Square
47 Imagine Centre KB
48 Imagine Centre Mall Gadong
49 Imagine Centre Panaga
50 Imagine Centre Rimba
51 Imagine Centre Tg Bunut
52 Imagine Centre Tutong
53 Imagine Centre Yayasan
54 Imagine HQ RB Plaza
55 JP Playground
57 Kaizen Sushi (Bandar)
58 KB Sentral
59 Keoja Hotel
60 Kopi ChatterBox Gadong
61 Liang Lumut Recreational Center
62 Little Soho
63 Marilyn Café KB
64 Marilyn Café Seria
65 Mexx Vintonn
66 MyTown BSB
67 Nerdee Café
68 Pappa Rich Gadong
69 Politeknik Lumut
70 Politeknik OSP
71 Pondok Sari Wangi Jerudong
72 Pusat Belia
74 Rimba Point
75 RMS Diner KB
76 Roomz Hotel
77 Sejalin
78 Seri Qlap Mall
79 Starbox Grill and Café Kiulap
80 Starbucks Beribi
81 Starbucks Mabohai
82 Starbucks Pandan
83 Substation Kiarong
84 SugarBun Gadong
85 SugarBun KB Sentral
86 SugarBun Manggis
87 SugarBun Mulaut
88 SugarBun Tutong
89 SupaSave Beribi
90 SupaSave Mabohai
91 SupaSave Panaga
92 Swensens Gadong
93 Swensens Sengkurong
94 Swiss Hotel
95 Taman SOAS
96 Tat Place Hotel
97 Taurean Café
98 The Castle Gadong
99 Times Cineplex
100 Times Square
101 UBD
103 UNN Berakas Exchange
104 Utama Bowling
105 UTB
106 WAFA Hotel
107 Yayasan


How do I pay for the Bundles?
The bundles will be charged to your month end bill and will include any data upgrades for home, mobile, and any other data addons.
What will the customer need to subscribe for a One Bundle and One Family Bundle?

The customer will need to bring along their IC/Passport to any Progresif store.

For the One Family Bundle, the Account holder will have to visit any Progresif store and bring along the IC or Passport. The Account holder does not need to bring along the individuals signing up for supplementary lines under the Family Plan.

Is there a fixed contract duration when signing up for a One Bundle and One Family Bundle?

There is a 12-month fixed contract only if you choose to waive your $100 installation fee. If you choose to pay the $100 installation fee upon signing up to the One Bundle and One Family Bundle, there will be no fixed contract and you may terminate any time you wish.

Can I port my existing home broadband to the One Home if my broadband connection is copper?

You may reach out to us at 177 or visit any Progresif store near you.

What is Progresif Media?
Customers of the bundles above can get free Progresif Media subscription. It is a video and audio streaming app that consists of local and international content.
How will I get my bill?
We’ve gone paperless and offer eBill to our customers which can be viewed on our Progresif Care app, or sent directly to your email inbox.

If you’re an existing customer and have not subscribed to eBill, you may do so by calling 177, through our website, Progresif Care or by visiting any of our stores.

I need further assistance, who should I talk to?
You may reach out to us on social media, call us at 177 or visit any Progresif store near you.