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What can I buy on the online site?

You can:

  1. Subscribe for new services – Mobile Prepaid, Mobile Postpaid and Fibre broadband
  2. Port in from another mobile operator
  3. Purchase devices and handsets
How can I order?

You can order easily using our online platform Here. After the order is submitted, you will be contacted by a Sales Representative to confirm your order, your details and the delivery time.

How long after the submission order will I be contacted?
A Sales Representative will contact you within 1hr (working hours) after your order has been placed.
What are the delivery times?
Orders placed and confirmed by 3PM will be delivered the next day. Delivery slots are 10am – 40pm or 4pm – 6.30pm.
Delivery area cover for all districts?
All except Temburong district
What are the delivery charges?
No delivery charges but you will only pay for your services that you have selected upon the registration online.
What payments options do I have?
Payment can be made through Progresif PAY, Quick Pay BIBD and Cash.
How do I register for Prepaid (Mobile)?

Step 1

  • Choose the new service or convert an existing plan
  • Choose No/Yes to whether you are porting in your service. If yes, you will need to provide Mobile Number, Choose Service Provider and Plan Type

Step 2

  • Choose Plan Type to Prepaid
  • Choose the Mobile Data Option (Pay-as-you-go or ONE Mobile)
  • For Pay-as-you-go option, you can choose Addon Data (optional only)
  • For the ONE Mobile option, you need to choose your ONE Plan base (1Gb/5Gb/10Gb)
  • Choose Handset if any Total Credit Balance and Total amount to be paid will be shown

Step 3

  • Insert the Customer Information
    • Enter your First & Last Name
    • Enter your email address
    • Enter your Contact Phone Number
    • Enter your Address details
    • Upload your Identification documents (Identity Card (IC) or Passport photo)
    • Choose No/Yes if you have a referral code. If yes, upload referral ticket)
    • Enter your Workplace
    • Enter your Profession
    • Choose your Salary range
    • Accept Term & Conditions
    • Click Register once complete
Can I choose my own number for Mobile and Fixed voice?
Yes, you can choose and pick your own Mobile and Home line number by choosing the last 4 last digits.
Can I keep an existing Mobile and Fixed voice line number when I port in?
Yes, you can port in your existing Mobile and Fixed voice line number when you sign up to Progresif’s One Mobile or One Home broadband.
Can I cancel my order?
Upon submission of your order, a Sales Representative will contact you to confirm your order. You can either cancel your order or proceed by simply selecting what products you want and we’ll deliver it right to your door.
Can I change my delivery address after submitting my registration?
Yes, you can inform a Sales Representative about the confirmed address during the order confirmation call.
Can I opt for the Easy Payment Plan (EPP) with a bank for my Handset Purchase?

Yes you can, but you will need to bring your card to any Progresif Stores to make the payment transaction. EPP T&C applies to different banks.


How can I verify the person delivering me the order?
We will be using third party delivery services from Dart. The Dart delivery man will provide their ID for verification before handing over the packages.
What do I need to provide to the delivery agent to receive my orders?
Upon delivery, Payment will be collected, and you will be asked to sign on goods acceptance. The delivery man will hand you the packages.
Upon receiving the SIM, do I need to manually activate the SIM?
No, there is no activation required, so just insert your new SIM into your device and get connected to Progresif network immediately!
I’ve received the wrong serial number for SIM/Handset, what do I do?
We will be using third party delivery services from Dart. The Dart delivery man will provide their ID for verification before handing over the packages.
Am I given handset warranty If I purchased it online?
Any mobile handsets purchased from PROGRESIF have a ONE (1) year warranty from the date of purchase. Apart from the accessories, only the components of the mobile handsets have a THREE (3) months warranty from the date of purchase.

You will be provided with the Warranty Card upon the delivery item to your place.

What If I receive a faulty item?
For Sim: Kindly approach to any Progresif Stores nearby, and get your SIM replaced.

For Handset: Kindly approach any nearby Progresif Store nearby and bring your warranty card. There, a Sales Representative will assist you and check the item.