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What is Progresif PAY?
Progresif PAY is a mobile wallet application offered by Progresif and powered by BIBD that enables customers to manage, make payments, transfers along with online shopping. The app features a co-branded prepaid Virtual Mastercard (‘VMC’), which uses funds already stored within the Progresif PAY itself. This co-branded prepaid Virtual Mastercard is a collaboration between Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) and Progresif Cellular (Progresif).
The owner of the Progresif PAY can only spend the equivalent amount of funds available in the Progresif PAY.
Funds used in the Progresif PAY are called electronic money, and these funds can be topped-up at any Progresif store, withdrawn from transferring from either one VMC to another VMC or through BIBD ATMs nationwide.
Will there be a physical card for the Progresif PAY?
The Progresif PAY is a wholly virtual card. All card details can be viewed via Progresif PAY app.
Who can apply for Progresif PAY through the Progresif PAY app?
Progresif PAY is open to all local mobile numbers. To register, customer must:
• Be 18 years old and above;
• Have a registered local mobile number from any operator;
• Have a Valid Brunei IC.
Must I maintain an account with BIBD to register for a Progresif PAY?
No. You do not need to be a BIBD customer to register for Progresif PAY.
What are the services offered through Progresif PAY?
Aside from registering to Progresif PAY, you are able to:-
• Monitor, view balance, purchase add-ons your Progresif Postpaid or Prepaid line and pay instantly;
• Make eCommerce / online purchases (3D Secure Acceptance);
• Send Cash (VMC to VMC);
• Make Bill Payments;
• Perform Top-Up Services (DES, Progresif & DST Pre-Paid Accounts);
• Self-Service Banking (make ATM Cardless Withdrawals & deposit money through Cash Deposit Machines);
• eVouchers (SnapFeed);
• eCredits;
• QuickPay Services (make payments using QR Codes);
• Tap and Pay Services (make payments through Near-field communication or NFC).
How do I apply for the Progresif PAY account?
To apply for Progresif PAY, simply;

  • Download the Progresif PAY app
    • Search for Progresif PAY through either Apple’s App Store or Google’s Google Playstore and install the Progresif PAY App.
  • Register Progresif PAY
    • You can register in the Progresif PAY App by clicking on ‘Registration’ and following the registration steps.
  • Activate Progresif PAY (specifically for customers who has no account with BIBD.
    • Once you register from the Progresif PAY app, you may need to visit any Progresif or BIBD store for ‘Approval’ and ‘Activation’.
What are the steps to register after I download the Progresif PAY App?
  • Download the Progresif PAY app
    After downloading and installing Progresif PAY app, customer must take note that:-
  • For security purposes, this App can only be used if the phone Password Lock feature has been enabled
  • If it is the first time you are using the Progresif PAY app, you are required to allow Progresif PAY to;
    • Access your contacts
    • To take pictures
    • To access the device’s location
    • To access photos, media and files on the device
  • Go through the welcome screens and Click on ‘Let’s Start Now’
    • Register Progresif PAY
      After downloading the App, follow the steps to register according to the table below:-
    • Activate Progresif PAY
      1 Press ‘Register’ Press ‘Register’
      2 Click ‘Continue’ Click ‘Continue’
      3 Select ‘No’ Select ‘Yes’
      4 Select ID Type – For now it will be Brunei IC only Click on ‘Let’s Get It’
      5 Select your Brunei IC (Yellow / Purple / Green), Police ID or Army ID Enter your BIBD Online or Mobile User ID and Internet PIN
      6 Capture your IC – ‘Front’ Click ‘Continue’
      7 Capture your IC – ‘Back’ Review all the information that has been listed
      8 Input the required information for all the mandatory fields Click ‘Continue’ once done
      9 Click ‘Continue’ Input the name the Progresif PAY card, along with your email and your registered mobile number
      10 Input the name the Progresif PAY card, along with your email and your registered mobile number Tick to confirm that you agree and review to the Terms and Conditions
      11 Tick to confirm that you agree and review to the Terms and Conditions Click ‘Proceed’
      12 Click ‘Proceed’ Go through the information once more and make sure all the information is correct
      13 Go through the information once more and make sure all the information is correct Click on ‘I Agree and Confirm’
      14 Click on ‘I Agree and Confirm’ Enter the 6 digit One Time Password (OTP) to complete the registration.
      15 Once application is accepted, you may locate the nearest branch to get your registration approved You then able to activate by login using your existing User ID credentials
  • Approval
    Customers will need to get the their application approved first in order to activate. After registration is done, you can get your application approved at the nearest Progresif store. At the store, you are required to produce the original copy of your IC to the BIBD representative assigned at the Progresif branch. After verification, the representative will submit your application for approval. Once approved, the user will then receive a confirmation SMS and they will be ready for activation.NOTE: For Existing to Bank customers, you do not need to go to a Progresif store to get your application approved. Simply proceed to the ‘Activation’ step.
  • Activation
    To Activate, to perform the following:-

    • Launch the Progresif PAY App
    • Click on ‘Login’
    • Input the User ID
    • Click ‘Continue’
    • Key in the 6 digit One Time Password (OTP) that you will receive on the mobile number provided during registration
    • If the OTP is correct and successful, New-to-Bank customers will then be required to create a Mobile Password
    • Otherwise for Existing-to-Bank customers, enter your existing Mobile Password (from BIBD NEXGEN Mobile App)
    • Once inputted and confirmed, click on ‘Activate Now’
    • Once Login Setup is successful, you are then required to click on ‘Take me to Login’ and conduct the login process with the Mobile Password created.
What is a User ID?
A User ID is your login detail or username, which you will have to create during registration process. Your User ID can be only be alphabetical, numbers, with only underscore symbols up to 9 characters.
What is a Mobile Password?
A Mobile Password is your Progresif PAY account password, which you will have to create during registration process. Your mobile password is a 2nd layer of authentication; the first being Biometrics authentication. Mobile Password has 8 characters, and must be alpha-numeric (alphabets & numbers only).
What is Biometrics and how do I use Biometrics on my device?
Biometrics is the use of Fingerprint scanning, Touch ID, Facial scanning or Face ID as an authentication and identification of the customer and their device.
Simply allow and enrol the use of Biometrics on your device to use this feature.
Please note that your mobile phone must be equipped with biometrics features to enable you to add your fingerprints on your own device. For devices without fingerprint scanning, you will need to enrol the facial scanning.
How do I Add Funds or receive cash in to the Progresif PAY?
You can add cash in to your Progresif PAY through:-
• Reload (Under QuickPay) to Progresif PAY through Progresif Branches;
• Any BIBD Cash Deposit Machine;
• Receive cash from others through Progresif PAY or BIBD NEXGEN Mobile App.
How do I use my Progresif PAY card for online purchases?
You can make online purchases like any other card by using the card details;
• Entering in your 16 digit card number
• Enter the expiry date
• Enter the CVV number
These information can be found on your Progresif PAY Wallet; after you login, tap on the bottom right of the card to find it.
Depending on the merchant website, an One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile number for you to complete the purchase.
How do I send cash using Progresif PAY?
You can send cash using the ‘‘Send’’ cash feature;
• Click ‘‘Send’’
• Click ‘‘New Mobile Number’’
• Enter Mobile Number
• Click ‘‘VMC Type’’ and then ‘‘Continue’’
• Enter the Amount to be transfer
• Enter a Description (If required) and then ‘‘Proceed’’
• Verify your ‘‘Send’’ Details
• Click ‘‘Confirm & Pay’’ to complete the transaction
Can I send cash (VMC to VMC) from Progresif PAY to BIBD vCard?
Yes, you can send cash from a Progresif PAY to a BIBD vCard and vice versa.
How do I perform Top Up Progresif Prepaid line?
There are 2 ways you can Top Up Progresif Prepaid line.

  • Directly Top Up into your own Prepaid line:-
    • Login
    • At Main Menu, Choose ‘Top Up’
    • Prepaid line details displayed (mobile number and current balance)
    • Select amount of Top Up
    • Proceed to see Transaction Details
    • Click ‘Confirm & Pay’
    • A ‘Payment Successful’ will be displayed.
  • Top Up to another Prepaid line:-
    • Login
    • Go to ‘Wallet’
    • Choose ‘Transaction’
    • Select ‘Top Up’
    • Choose ‘Progresif Top Up’
    • Enter mobile number
    • Enter the amount
    • Proceed to see Transaction Details
    • Click ‘Confirm & Pay’
    • A ‘Payment Successful’ will be displayed.

NOTE: All transactions performed in Progresif PAY have a transaction Acknowledgement Number or Reference ID.

How do I view and pay my Progresif Postpaid line account and its details?
You have two options. You can either:
Directly pay your outstanding account balance in Full or make Partial payments from the Main Menu:-

  • Login
  • At Main Menu, Choose ‘Pay Bill’
  • Choose ‘Full Bill Payment’ or ‘Partial Bill Payment’
  • For Full Payment,
    • Click ‘Confirm to Pay’
    • A ‘Payment Successful’ will be displayed
  • For Partial Payment,
    • Enter Custom Amount for payment
    • Click ‘Confirm to Pay’
    • A ‘Payment Successful’ will be displayed

You will see your Payee Name, Bill number and your account’s bill amount to pay. If you have more than one line under your account, they will all appear here.

Can I pay bills to other payees on Progresif PAY?
Yes, you can. When making a payment, you can choose from a number payees already available to you at the ‘New Payee’ dropdown option.
In order to complete the payment, you will need to enter your bill number or reference number as well.
What are the Payees available on Progresif PAY?
How do I purchase Add-ons on Progresif PAY?
To purchase Add-ons;
• Login
• At Main Menu, Choose ‘Purchase Add-ons’
• Select the list of available Add-ons
• Choose ‘Confirm’
• A confirmation message will be displayed.
How do I view my purchased Plans and Add-ons?
You can simply:
• Login
• In the Main Menu, choose ‘Purchase Add-ons’
• You can view them under ‘My Add-ons’
How do I view my Progresif Prepaid line Balance on Progresif PAY?
You can simply:
• Login
• At Main Menu, Choose ‘ View Balances
• You will see you Prepaid account balance.
What is Cardless Withdrawal?
Cardless Withdrawal is the feature to withdraw from any BIBD ATM by using your Progresif PAY app to request a PIN.
This request generates a temporary ‘6’ digit PIN, and can be requested anytime.
To use ‘Cardless Withdrawal’, simply;

  • Log in to Progresif PAY app
    • Go to ‘Wallet’
    • Select ‘Cardless Withdrawal’
    • Request PIN and 6’ digit PIN number displayed
  • To withdraw cash from BIBD ATM:
    • Activate the ATM by touching the screen
    • Select language
    • Select Cardless Withdrawal
    • Enter your Progresif PAY card no.
    • Enter the Progresif PAY PIN (obtained earlier from Progresif PAY)
    • You will see your Card Details shown as confirmation
    • Enter Amount to be withdrawn
    • Money will be dispensed & a receipt will be printed

NOTE: You will be charged respective fees per transaction.

Does the Progresif PAY PIN have a validity period?
Each Progresif PAY PIN is only vaild for ten (10) minutes. Should you wish to withdraw any cash beyond the one (1) time limit, you can always go back to the Progresif PAY app and request for another Progresif PAY PIN.
How do I view my Progresif PAY Transaction History?
To view your transaction history, simply:
• Click on the Progresif PAY ‘Wallet’
• Click on your Progresif PAY card
You will see a list of all your transactions, up to 3 months .
How do I purchase eCredits on Progresif PAY?
You can purchase eCredits by simply:
• Logging in
• Go to ‘Wallet’
• Select ‘eCredits’
• Choose the eCredit for purchase
• Confirm your puchase
• Utilise your eCredit Code Number
To view the e-Credits purchase, click on ‘VIEW MY E-CREDITS’. Otherwise, click ‘DONE’ to go back to account summary.
How do I purchase eVouchers (SnapFeed) on Progresif PAY?
You can purchase eVouchers by simply:
• Logging in
• Go to ‘Wallet’
• Select ‘eVouchers’
• Choose the category or voucher
• Enter SnapFeed email address
• Confirm your puchase
How do I redeem the eVouchers that i purchase?
You will need to launch the SnapFeed app and tap on the ‘Vouchers’ tab, where you will see the voucher you purchased.
Simply tap on the voucher and inform the cashier of the SnapFeed merchant and scan the QR code.
How do I use QuickPay and make payments using QR Codes?
You can purchase using QuickPay with any BIBD Merchant that accepts QuickPay by:

  • Logging in
  • Go to ‘Wallet’
  • Select ‘QuickPay’
  • Select ‘Purchase’
  • Scan QR code
  • Key in the amount of your purchase (Depends on the QR Code of the merchant)
  • Confirm your puchase

After scanning the QR Code, it will prompt to confirmation page. Ensure again that the amount is correct before clicking on ‘CONFIRM & PAY’. In this screen, it shows:

  • Merchant Name
  • Total Amount

After ensuring that everything is correct, you click on ‘CONFIRM & PAY’ to proceed. You will then see an Acknowledgment Page that will show you all the details of your transaction.

What is Tap and Pay?
Tap and Pay refers to NFC (Near-field communication)- a form of payment where users can use their virtual card on their mobile devices to pay at any Mastercard of Visa terminal, locally or abroad without their debit cards.
How do I set up Tap and Pay on my device to start using it for making payments?
To use Tap and Pay, please ensure that your mobile device is NFC-enabled. Currently, Tap and Payis only available on Android devices.

  • Set up NFC on your mobile device:
    • Go to Settings on the device and tap the toggle to allow Tap and Pay.
    • Under Tap and Pay, click on ‘Default Payment app’ to select ‘Progresif’ application.
    • Tap and Pay is then enabled on the device.
  • Set up Tap and Pay on Progresif PAY:
    •  Login
    • Upon login, click on My Wallet
    • Click on the Action button
    • Click on ‘Not Provisioned’ under your Progresif PAY card
    • You will then see the terms and conditions page. Click ‘I AGREE & REQUEST OTP’ button to proceed
    • The screen will be navigated to One Time Passcode (OTP) Screen. Enter the OTP that has been sent to your mobile device and proceed to create the PIN.
    • Enter the PIN and re-enter the same Tap and Pay PIN on the next page to confirm. The PIN created will be required for every Tap and Paytransaction.
    • When the provision is completed, the screen will display an acknowlegment page to notify users on whether the provision is successful or not. If the provision is successful, it will show ‘PROVISION COMPLETED’ on the page. Click ‘DONE’ button to start using NFC payment
How do I use Tap and Pay to make a payment after I have set up NFC on my device and PAY account?
After the card has already been provision, ‘Available transaction: 5’ in a green bar will appear and that indicates a transaction can already be made.

  • To start making a transaction, click on the provisioned card
  • Enter your PIN and proceed with the transaction
  • After you have entered your PIN, your account is now ready to make a transaction:
    • Card is Ready.
    • Place it on the terminal at the Store
      • To cancel, click ‘X’ button on the top right of the page
  • Once payment has been done, the acknowledgement page will appear to display the following:
    • Amount
    • Date
    • Time
How do I check my Tap and Pay transaction history?
You can check the transaction history by:
• Clicking on the card.
• It will prompt the Transaction History screen.
How do I unprovision NFC on my mobile device?
Unprovisioning your Progresif Vcard will untag your card from the device. To do this:
• Click on ‘Available Transactions: 5’
• A message will prompt stating “This card will not be able to use for NFC payments.”
• A screen will show “COMPLETED DETOKEN”. Click ‘Done’ to proceed
• Once unprovisioned, ‘Not Provisioned’ bar will appear under your card.
Are there any limits on using the services available in Progresif PAY?
Yes, please refer below:-

Are there any charges incurred for services through the Progresif PAY?
1 Person to Person Payments / Send Cash $0.05
2 ATM Cardless Withdrawal $0.50
3 Bill Payments other than Progresif Bills on the Main Menu (Wallet) $0.50
Can I register for Progresif PAY if I already have a BIBD NEXGEN Mobile account?
Yes you can use your current BIBD NEXGEN Online / BIBD NEXGEN Mobile credentials during the registration process.
How do I change my mobile number but maintain my Progresif PAY account?
• Click ‘Settings’
• Under Login Details, click ‘Change Mobile No.’
• Input your Old Mobile Number (the number currently tied to your Progresif PAY account that you want to change) and your New Mobile Number (the new number you want to change to)
• You will receive an OTP (One time Password) to the New Mobile Number
• Key in your OTP
• Log out and log back in. Your account will be tied to your new mobile number while maintaining your account and wallet
What do I do if I have issues with installing the Progresif PAY application?
If you have issues installing, please check to ensure that:
• The phone you are using is not rooted or is running on any illegal third party software
• The phone is running on the latest operating system of both iOS and Android
If the problem persists, please call the Progresif PAY Care at 176 and provide the following information:
• The brand and model of the device used
• The iOS or Android version of the device
• The error encountered
NOTE: The above steps is also to assist troubleshooting functional or transactional issues that you may encounter.
Can I install Progresif PAY on multiple devices?
Yes, you can install and login the same User ID on multiple devices.
If the device has biometric features, you need to first add your fingerprint on the device. Then on the app:-
• Click ‘Login’
• Enroll to the Fingerprint or Facial recognition (Biometric setup)
• Enter Mobile Password
• Then you are logging in to the app
Note: For ANOTHER USER who wish to use the app on the same device, you need to disable your biometric first. To do that, please follow the following steps:-
• Click ‘Login’
• Verify your fingerprint or facial recognition
• Enter Mobile Password
• When you are loggedin to the app, click the ‘…’ (Settings) on top right side of the screen
• Click ‘Setting’
• Click ‘Disable Biometric’
• Click ‘Yes, Proceed’
• You will then be logged out from the app
What should I do if I encounter any issues with Biometrics?
Simply call our Progresif PAY Care at 176 and our dedicated agents will assist you accordingly.
Will I be able to access both Progresif PAY and BIBD Mobile on the same device?
Yes, you will be able to log in to both BIBD NEXGEN Mobile and Progresif PAY on the same device but not at the same time. You will also be able to use your fingerprint biometric for both devices.
I made a mistake by inputting the wrong information during my registration, what do I do?
You can make appropriate changes by going to any Progresif store or call Progresif PAY Care at 176.
If my access has been locked on Progresif PAY, will it affect my access to BIBD Mobile and vice versa?
Yes,it will as the same User ID is linked to both applications. If it is due to a wrongly inputted Mobile Password, you may click on ‘Forget Mobile Password’ and follow the instructions. If it is due to unforeseen circumstances, you may call the Progresif PAY Care at 176.
Is there an Annual Fee for Progresif PAY?
Currently, there is no Annual Fee imposed.
Is there any subscription fee applied to Progresif PAY?
The app is available for download for free and there are no subcription fees.
Is there an Expiry Date for the Progresif PAY?
Progresif PAY is valid for 1 year and willautomatically renew. Upon renewal, any remaining balance in your card will automatically be transferred into your new Progresif PAY.
If you wish to terminate your Progresif PAY, please transfer or withdraw your remaining balance and contact the Progresif PAY Care at 176 to terminate your Progresif PAY card.
Will my Progresif PAY work outside of Brunei?
Yes, Progresif PAY will work outside Brunei as long as you have access to the internet. However, there will be some transactional functionalities which are currently only applicable within Brunei such as QuickPay payments or Self-Service Banking services.
What happens if I change my mobile number that is associated to Progresif PAY?
To change your phone number that is tied to your Progresif PAY, simply login to the app, go to the Settings and click the “Change Mobile No.”.
Can I request to have my Progresif PAY blocked & unblocked?
Yes, you can request to block via the Progresif PAY Care at 176 or manually in the app:-
• Login
• Go to ‘Wallet’
• Click on the ‘Progresif PAY card’
• Click card ‘Settings’ on top right of the screen
• Click ‘Block Card’
• Press ‘Yes, proceed’
Once you have blocked your card, you cannot do any transactions.
To Unblock, you have to call the Progresif PAY Care at 176.
Where do I report to if my Progresif PAY card is compromised or if I encounter any unathorized transaction? Can I request to have it replaced?
Yes, You must immediately report to the Progresif PAY Care at 176 if you believe your card has been compromised in any way and request for a replacement card.
What are the menu choices available when I call the Progresif PAY Care 176?
  • Progresif PAY Registration Inquiries – Press 1
  • Progresif PAY Card Transactions such as:
    • Deposits,
    • Transfers & withdrawals,
    • Payments using the Progresif PAY – Press 2
  • For Progresif Products and Services such as:
    • Progresif Top Up & Bill payments,
    • Progresif service offerings,
    • Progresif plans,
    • Progresif promotions and bonuses – Press 3
Am I able to call for assistance when I am overseas?
Yes the number to call is +6738330176 or you may chat with us through the Progresif PAY application by clicking on:
• Contact Bank
• Click on ‘Live Chat’
• And you may proceed to ask what you need to know or gain the assistance you require
Who should I call if I have questions on Progresif PAY?
Please contact our Progresif PAY Care at 176.
Can I register Progresif PAY with only a passport?
No, currently registration can only be done with a valid Brunei IC of any color.
Am I able to register Progresif PAY with a mobile number from another mobile operator?
Yes, you can register Progresif PAY with a a mobile number from any local mobile operator.
If I am an existing BIBD customer and I forgot my Mobile Password, what should I do?
You will need to reset your Mobile Password using ‘Forgot Mobile Password’ feature in either Progresif PAY app or BIBD NEXGEN Mobile app.
I did not receive the One Time Password (OTP), what should I do?
You can request for one by clicking the ‘Resend OTP’ feature found on the bottom of the screen at the OTP page.
If you still have not receive OTP, please call our Progresif PAY Care at 176.
What do I do if I no longer want to use my Progresif PAY?
Please call our Progresif PAY Care at 176 and we will assist you accordingly.
How do I perform Cardless Withdrawals with my Progresif PAY?
You can do cardless withdrawal at any BIBD ATM.
Will there be any deactivation or dormant charges if I do not make any transactions on my Progresif PAY for a long period of time?
There are neither any deactivation or dormant charges for any period of inactivity with Progresif PAY. However, you need to have an active mobile line to keep using Progresif PAY.
If I have multiple Progresif lines, can I register for multiple Progresif PAY Accounts?
No, each Progresif PAY account is linked to a single Progresif Line and a unique IC number.
Is there any minimum deposit amount required for the Progresif PAY?
There is no minimum deposit required for Progresif PAY. However, customers must have sufficient balance if they wish to use certain Progresif PAY Services.
Given that the Progresif PAY card is co-branded card with BIBD, is there any restriction when making online purchases?
The Progresif PAY card can make online purchases where there is Mastercard acceptance.
However, like any other card services provided by BIBD, some transactions are prohibited, in accordance to Shariah principles in Progresif PAY card Terms and Conditions.
I need further assistance. Who can I talk to?

You may reach out to us on social media, call us at 177, chat with us via webchat on our website or visit your nearest Progresif store.