These 4 kids are getting into business after participating in the Tarbiyyah Global Green Deen Entrepreneurship Programme

Ilyas, Imtias, Ilya and Ainan are four kids who are participants of the Green Deen Entrepreneurship Programme, which teaches kids how to run a business according to the teachings of Islam. The programme is run under the Tarbiyyah Project for Kids, which is an Islamic-driven enrichment programme by local training company muBn.

After participating in the programme, the kids are putting their learning to good use. They’re now trying their hands at entrepreneurship by selling notebooks, t-shirts, totes, and cushions. We got to spend some time with them at the studio to ask them more about their experience as kidpreneurs.

Hello everyone. Do introduce yourselves to our readers.

Ilyas: Hi, my name is Ilyas. I am 10 years old.
Imtias: Hi, I am Imtias and I am 6 years old.
Ilya: Hi, my name is Ilya, and I’m 9 years old.
Ainan: Hi, my name is Ainan and I’m 7 years old.

All of you are so young and are already doing business. Tell us more about that.

Ilya: I sell small little notebooks that are handmade. They’re colourful, they’re kind of big, and there are a lot of pages. My sister Ainan inspired me to make notebooks.She was giving her friends notebooks for free, and my mum said, you can’t give it for free because she bought the paper with money and you have to sell it at school. I wanted some money so I made some books. I sell them for 50 cents each. And they’re made on order. There’s also a catalogue to look through for options. I’ve earned $9 so far. Most of it is in coins.
Ainan: I also make notebooks but mine are smaller and I sell them for 30 cents each.

What’s the most popular design?

Ilya: My unikitty and the unicorn.

We’re aware that this isn’t your only business. You’re all part of the Green Deen programme. Ilyas, could you share with us your involvement in that?

Ilyas: My business is usually helping my mother make food such as shepherd’s pie and lasagna. We sell them for about $20 for a big tray and the customers collect the food from our house. Then my mum pays me according to how long I work.

What kind of things have you learnt about business?

Ilyas: Cooking is fun.

It sure is. What about the selling part? Is it easy to sell stuff?

Ilyas: Yes.

Imtias. What do you do in the business?

Imtias: I help my mum in the kitchen. I carry the food to the table.

Ainan, can you tell us more about what you guys make?

Ainan: We make t-shirts, totes and cushions. And we sell them at Bandarku Ceria and Nolly Bookstore. Then we get to keep some and give the rest to charity.

What’s the hardest thing about business?

Ilya: Finding customers can be hard because not everyone knows about you. So you have to go out and look for them and that can take a lot of effort.

Ilyas, what do you think is the most important thing about business?

Ilyas: I’m not really sure, but I think it’s earning money.

That’s a great start. What would your advice be to somebody your age that wants to start their business?

Ilyas: Sell it for a higher price so you’ll get more profit. And you’ll never know what you can do unless you try.

We had an awesome time speaking with these little kids. Their responses confirmed our earlier beliefs on the early exposure to entrepreneurship.
It not only teaches kids self reliance but also the stronger appreciation of money and the hard work involved in earning it. Kids learn creativity and problem solving- skills highly useful in the later stage of professional or entrepreneurial life. Whether it is doing chores for their own small venture or getting involved with their parents businesses,  dealing with customers exposes them to new people on daily basis, boosting their social skills.
Progresif strongly believes in the mantra- Customers First. And we are glad that these kids are learning the mantra in an early stage!

Do not shy away from involving your kids in constructive simple tasks beginning from their early childhood and rest assured, they’ll make you proud one day! Wish you all happy parenting 🙂