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Data Add-On Promotion - 10% Extra Data
July 12, 2018

Extra streaming of your favorite music. Extra posts on Instagram. Extra games you can play on Facebook. Extra stories on Snapchat, games on Facebook and so much more.

From now until 22nd Jul, every time you Add-on data, you get 10% extra data! All you need is to be on a Postpaid or Prepaid base plan to subscribe.


Extra DataText to 39100


Extra DataText to 39123

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re happy you asked – it’s a promotion where you automatically get an extra 10% of data for FREE every time you subscribe to a Data Add-On from July 18th to July 22nd, 2018.

Postpaid and Prepaid Base PlanData you normally getData You Get on Promo dates
Data Add-on PriceMB10% Extra Data

Yep – as long as you’re subscribed to any Postpaid Base Plan or any Prepaid Base Plan.

*Not including Yes Zoom

Click here to learn more about Postpaid Base Plans.
Click here to learn more about Prepaid Base Plans.

It’s totally up to you. You can use the data locally and do things like stream your favourite music, post on Instagram, play games on Facebook, share on Snapchat, watch vine videos and more.

Super simple – you get it automatically every time you subscribe to any of the Data Add-Ons during the promotion dates. Simply follow the table below by texting the subscription SMS:

Subscription SMSFor Postpaid text SMS toFor Prepaid text SMS to
“Add2GB” 3910039123

Well, depending on which Add-On you get, the amount will be different.

E.g. If you wanted to Add-On 10GB, you would need a minimum balance of $20, plus another $40 (the price of a 10GB Add-On).

Click here to learn more on how to TopUp.

You’ll get a confirmation text from us letting you know that your Data Add-On was successful, along with your extra 10% of FREE data.

If you are a Prepaid customer, please make sure you are subscribed to a base plan first. You can only subscribe to a Data Add-on when you are subscribed to any of our base plans.

If you still have issues subscribing, please call 177 for help.

As many times as you like – as long as you Add-On data during the promotion dates.

*You can have multiple subscriptions at a time


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