Meet Adriana Farhana Wardi, the 12-year-old that’s selling her own line of shawls

Adriana Farhana Wardi is a 12-year-old who produces high-quality shawls, or tudong, for her own label, Adreana Shawls. In this interview, she shares with us her experience and journey to becoming a young entrepreneur and tells us the story of how her brand started.

Tell us more about yourself and the brand that you’ve started.

I am Adriana Farhana Wardi. I am currently in Year 7 and I am schooling at Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan.

Could you share with us more about your product?

I sell shawls and square tudong. The basic or plain shawls are $7. I also sell printed shawls for $10. The square tudongs fo for $9. The products are made using heavy chiffon and bubble chiffon.

You were 11 years old when you decided to start a business. How did this all start for you?

I was looking at some business accounts selling shawls on Instagram and I got inspired by them. With my business, I can start planning for my future. If I don’t have a job after university, I will just continue with my business.

How do you differentiate your product from others?

My line of exclusive shawls is handmade and handsewn. There’s only one design for each piece. That means that every shawl is designed differently. We also provide the full shawl set with the pins.
We also have a wide range of shawls and square tudongs for every age. I want this business to be as diverse as possible and to cater to everyone’s needs whether they like shawls or square tudongs.

Are you getting help with your business?

My parents are my biggest supporters. Because of them, I’ve also been able to meet strategic local partners. I do a lot of the marketing for the shawls while my parents help me with keeping stocks and finance.

Is your business based at a particular location?

Adriana: I run my business on Instagram. You can order through direct message or WhatsApp and I will book it for you. Payments are done via bank-in. The experience is simple and comfortable for everyone.

What has been the most challenging thing about starting your own business?

Sometimes, I face doubt from people who think that I’m too young to be running a business. But I think that age is no reason to stop doing what you love.

How are you balancing everything with school?

After doing schoolwork, I get some free time to focus on my business and it actually makes me feel less stressed.

What do you do with the money you’ve collected from sales?

The money I make goes to savings, books and donations to charities. I’ve been listening to the kids’ podcast on Progresif Radio and I’m inspired by how some of them are already donating to charity at a young age.

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Before we end the interview, do you have any advice for young people like you that also want to start a business but may be scared about it?

You’re never too young to start a business. If you’re passionate and you love what you do, just keep on inspiring people, and prove to everyone that you can do it.
Also, make sure that your first supporters will be your parents and your family, and soon, everyone will love you.